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Food plot prep question
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32Timbers 18-May-23
Lewis 18-May-23
BullBuster 18-May-23
t-roy 18-May-23
Catscratch 18-May-23
Starfire 18-May-23
fuzzy 18-May-23
32Timbers 22-May-23
wackmaster2 24-May-23
From: 32Timbers
I am going to plant a clover plot. I had corn in last year. I mowed it down, put in some pot ash per my soil test and tilled it in. At this point I have been normally waiting for 10 days for new weeds to come up and then kill them off, and wait another week to plant. These were the instructions I received from my local seed supplier. Just wondering if everybody else does those last 2 steps of waiting that long or do you just plant after tilling. Weeds were not that bad when I had mowed down the corn. Thank you.

From: Lewis
I always plant clover here in Tennessee in the fall with either winter rye,wheat or oats generally late August or early September Good luck Lewis

From: BullBuster
if u just mowed and didn’t spray or till, and u have good soil moisture i only wait 5 days. Otherwise the grass gets too long in my area.

From: t-roy
How are you planting your clover?

From: Catscratch
I would do as Lewis said; wait until fall and plant with a nurse crop such as winter rye and wheat. In the mean time I would plant buckwheat, millet, and milo for the summer. And... I would add chicory to your clover seed when you do plant it.

To answer your question; yes it's common to spray a couple of times after tillage to knock back the seeds you brought up in the seed bank.

From: Starfire
I do it when I plant brassicas.

From: fuzzy
I'd get the seed in ASAP. You can knock the weeds down again after the clover gets started if needed

From: 32Timbers
Thanks. I am just going to broadcast the seed. I just mowed down and sprayed another over grown field that has not been planted in 25 years. I think I’ll wait till august to put in clover and brassicas. Is there a timeline for putting in a summer crop such as buckwheat. I’m guessing it would be early June before the 2nd plot is ready to plant.

From: wackmaster2
i would spray through out the summer so its dead dead . then plant

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