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elk sheds
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montnatom 18-May-23
TurboT 18-May-23
SBH 21-May-23
huntnmuleys 21-May-23
From: montnatom
My son lives in Jackson Hole and was out elk shed hunting this morning. He says he saw 6 bulls that still had their headgear attached. Not sure I've ever seen an elk with their antlers still attached in May...any ideas?

From: TurboT
Spikes? Was he seeing new growth for this year? I saw a group of 6 In Oregon last weekend that had the front 3 growing and main beam going up.

From: SBH

SBH's embedded Photo
SBH's embedded Photo
Been a strange year. I’ve seen 3 bulls still carrying, middle of May at one of my bear spots. Interestingly I haven’t seen a bear in there yet this year. Normally bulls are shed out and gone and the bears are starting to show. Pic is from May 12 I think. We saw him again on the 15th still carrying.

From: huntnmuleys
Some years back I was hunting turkeys in mid may in the Wyoming part of the Black Hills. Came across two bull elk. One was off to a great start, already showing some spread with forked antlers. The other a good 6x6 still carrying.

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