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Anyone going to Pa. TAC?
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ki-ke 22-May-23
JTreeman 22-May-23
Grunt-N-Gobble 22-May-23
midwest 23-May-23
Coondog 23-May-23
Teeton 23-May-23
From: ki-ke
Is anyone heading to the 7 Springs TAC in Pa in a couple weeks? Driving out with a couple guys on Friday, shooting Saturday and Sunday. Will have beers, cigars and grub at the place we’re staying. Stop by if you’re in the hood!

From: JTreeman
I was, then I wasn’t, then I was maybe, but now I’m not. Just bad timing, too much going on for me this year. Maybe next. Have fun, I know a couple bowsite guys who defiantly are going, they will chime in shortly I’m sure.


Wish I was going to shoot. Couldn't get any of my hunting buddies to go. May go on Sunday to walk around the vendors.

From: midwest
GnG, On one of the days we shot TAC last year, we had a guy that was solo ask if he could shoot with our group and we were happy to have him along.

From: Coondog
I’ll be there solo Saturday and Sunday!

From: Teeton

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I always wants to make that shoot. Now there's a big shoot in Scranton Pa at the Ski Resort. It's second weekend in june. Here's a link to it. Press release say's over 100 targets, 600 shooters and 60 vendors. It's a fun shoot, not a competition shoot. I'm hoping to make it Saturday.


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