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Winter Rye and rain?
Whitetail Deer
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Hunt98 09-Sep-23
KsRancher 09-Sep-23
t-roy 09-Sep-23
Michael 09-Sep-23
Zbone 09-Sep-23
drycreek 09-Sep-23
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Backus 09-Sep-23
UPSTATE 13-Sep-23
KHNC 21-Sep-23
From: Hunt98
Three weeks ago I broadcast winter rye in hopes of forecasted rain. It never rained. The temps has been in the 90’s for five days straight during that time. There has been some dew also. There is rain forecasted for today. Will the rye that I put down three weeks ago still grow if it rains today?

From: KsRancher
It should. Unless it rains just enough to get it sprouted but not enough that it's still dry underneath and it dries out. Hopefully it rains and drizzles for a few days.

From: t-roy
I’m assuming that the rye that you planted did not sprout since you broadcasted it. If no, then it should sprout just fine once you get enough moisture, but as KsRancher alluded to, hopefully you get enough rain to maintain growth in the plant and not get just enough moisture to get it to sprout, then run out of moisture again. We’re at almost 40 days since any precip in my neck of the woods :-(

From: Michael
Another problem that can arise is a little moisture can get it to sprout. But if there isn’t any future moisture the deer will browse it down to nothing.

From: Zbone
Have had a bit of experience with rye since working for a strip mine reclaimation outfit back in the day out of high school and have seen it grow in the back of a pickup... It's very hardy and reason it's the first seed applied to reclaimed dirt, it'll grow about anywhere and deer luv it...

I timed mine perfect this year, watched the radar, seeded during the day and it rained hard that night and it germinated and sprouts to about 2" by the 4th day, and had deer munching on those tender sprouts within a week... Since yours didn't received rain early, it may take it a little bit longer to sprout, but what the birds don't get will grow... Doves will eat the heck out of it before it sprouts...

From: drycreek
I have planted wheat in dust before with no rain for a couple weeks and it did fine. As others said, it more or less hinges on the amount of rain you get, and even more on how much you get after. I’m assuming rye won’t be any different. Before I retired, we planted Labor Day weekend because we could, weather be damned. The only grain plots I ever had to fail were because of army worms, not moisture. Nowadays, I like to get a rain before I plant so I can plant into moist ground and then get another rain in a few days. Timing is everything !

From: gjs4
Biggest issue ive seen with ungerminated cereals is turkeys....

From: Backus
Yep Turkeys Crows and Ravens cleaning it up when it sits too long.

Lets not forget the dreaded starlings, I mean a hundred of them

From: KHNC
Looks like a good weekend to plant in Upstate SC coming up.

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