be careful hunting this area
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From: montnatom

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From: PushCoArcher
Heard about another one the other day with a bird hunter on private near Fairfield. Apparently was charged but a couple loads of birdshot to the face made it run off and fpw is looking for it.

From: Brotsky
Had a grizz in camp last week, scared him off but didn't sleep great that night!

I imagine you were up a few times Justin

From: Rickm
An area we hunt is SW Montana that just a few years ago was "grizz free" now has bear aware signs and confirmed grizz from ranchers. We saw one 8-10 years ago. Pretty much all of Montana west of billings could be grizzly country. I hope they can be hunted sooner than later but very doubtful.

From: Buskill
I figure in a few years they’ll creep a bit further south in SE Idaho and I’ll have to deal with em. Sucks

From: Bowfreak
You'll be able to hunt them if they ever make it to D.C. Less than that and they probably just continue to eat people with impunity.

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