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New ground blinds
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Lewis 15-Sep-23
milnrick 16-Sep-23
BoggsBowhunts 16-Sep-23
Bigdog 21 16-Sep-23
t-roy 16-Sep-23
4nolz@work 17-Sep-23
Lewis 17-Sep-23
Highlife 17-Sep-23
stagetek 18-Sep-23
From: Lewis
I’m in the market for a couple new ground blinds and I haven’t bought one in years.Anyone have any recommendations I would appreciate it. Good luck Lewis

From: milnrick

Do you leave your blind up for the entire season? If so, take a look at Rednecks Bale Blind (canvas cover). We've been using the skid mounted bale blinds for 4 years now and really enjoy them.

I bought one a month and a half ago and went with the Rhino 150 or something like that. I like it a lot more than my old cheap one. Really like the big window and how you can customize the window configuration. Perfect height window for archery as well

From: Bigdog 21
Stand up one .it is nice to stretch on long sits also you can shoot standing. Better forum then sitting shooting. Easyer to turn to shoot out other sides if standing.

From: t-roy
Take a look at Cage Blinds. Not a quick set up or super portability, but they are incredibly strong.

From: 4nolz@work
Any opinions on the see-thru ones for deer?

From: Lewis
Thanks all for the info I do appreciate it Lewis

From: Highlife
Check sportsman condo guy runs deliveries up and down 40. He's on tndeer

From: stagetek
As far as see thru ones go, I have a friend who has one. Obviously, in cold weather it doesn't block any wind. And, in wet weather the screens fills up with rain drops. Same with snow.

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