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AZ elk 14 pnts
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From: Ty
I am currently at 14 points for AZ Elk and the same in WY. Am I getting close for enough to draw a prime archery tag, or is the point creep only rising each year?

From: brettpsu
You could draw a few of the decent Arizona units. 6A for sure, 4B you should be good, 5A and 8 you would be close. I hunted one of these mid tier units this past year and thought it was the best elk hunt I've ever been on.

From: Tilzbow
You’re 10 points away from Units 9 & 10. I was 10 points away from both 20 years ago and now with 20 points I’m 4 points away which is probably another 10 years with point creep so I’m going to burn my points this year or next on a different unit.

From: Beendare
I would say, its time to do your research

Point creep is that bad ! Without any luck in the draw I would say mediocre unit not prime. I’ve been chasing AZ non res elk points for 18 years and still chasing my first tag.

14 years and no research or plan?

From: Norseman
My plan is to get my friend who has 27 Az points to allow me to put in with him for another primo unit hunt.

From: Ty
Well Mike, a lot changes in 15 years. Units lose quality, required points go up, and you are now 15 years older or more. What was a perfect plan then, may be worthless now. So if you are needing close to 30 points to draw, I would not plan to hunt quite yet.

From: KHNC
One thing about AZ is that there will likely be plenty of people without tags trying to call bulls in prime units during the rut. That shit should be outlawed. Same as hunter harassment in my opinion.

From: Beendare
When Az changed their system, I mentioned here it was going to Slaughter Non Residents with point creep…it was too predictable….and sure enough it continues to rise- even now- every year.

But my AZ buddy draws good tags regularly.

Please define "good tags" and "regularly". Most resident early archery bull tags take at least 9 points. Point creep works on both sides of the fence. Ed F

From: StickFlicker
The pain for NRs was really unavoidable, in order to not become like states where people starting now can not draw a tag in their lifetime. It was unfortunate, and not particularly fair to those already playing the game, but necessary.

From: DonVathome
Make NR front full fees and no CC apps. NR odds will double.

Point creep in WY is tough but not nearly as bad as AZ. AZ units I follow increase aprox. 9 points every ten yours. It's bad..

If you can draw 27 I had a great elk bowhunt there.

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