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From: Rut Nut
..................BIG GAME this season? (and what have you hunted?)

I will start off. I have bowhunted deer(whitetails) a total of 6 days so far this season

12ish? 5 for antelope (1 for me, 4 helping friends), and about 6-7 sits for whitetails. That’ll climb pretty quickly as it’s the rut and I’m trying to get a recurve buck. Will likely be at 25-30 by the end of season

From: goelk
12 days elk and mule deer

Whitetails. 5 full days. And, I’ve drawn my bow multiple times every hunt. Been the most fun I’ve had in a while


From: Dale06
Three days turkey, one killed. Five days elk no shots. Three days deer no shots.

From: huntinelk
Would you except how many days have you "not" hunted this year?? Asking for a blue texting friend.


From: pav
Not nearly as many days as scheduled...but no complaints.

From: Kurt
Calendar year bowhunting....Coues deer 10 days, Black Bear 3 days, Water Buffalo 7 days, Elk 4 days, Mule deer 4 days. It would be more but the freezers are stuffed, hang-over from last year's moose.

From: elkmtngear
About 10 days for deer between CA and SC, and 8 days for elk in WY.

This is the first year I can ever remember not coming to full draw, on a single animal.

From: Michael
Just whitetails for me.

15 days in the field with 2 does and a buck in the freezer so far.

I started my 2 week Rutcation on Saturday.

From: Rut Nut
From: huntinelk30-Oct-23

Would you except how many days have you "not" hunted this year?? Asking for a blue texting friend.

LOL Gene! Is it about the same number? ;-)

Hunt Man- no judgement! Just curious if I am in the minority or not......................

"Rutcation"...................................................I like that! : )

From: HDE

From: W
25 between elk and whitetail.

From: Bake
1 day of bowhunting for the season. Whitetails.

From: longsprings
6 for moose , 5 so far for whitetail

From: molsonarcher
5 for bear, 4 for whitetail (so far)

8 booked for coues next month

From: Supernaut
Whitetails for me here in PA. I've been lucky enough to get out about 10 or so times between work and family commitments. I've been even luckier to have killed a doe and a buck with my recurve so far this season. Hoping to get out and fill a few more doe tags with that bow.

Best of luck everyone! Stay safe and make memories!

Calendar year...finished off my Iowa deer season with my best buck on Jan. 8. Probably hunted 4-5 days in January before I finally got him. Then a week in Mexico watching others chase coues while I shot jackrabbits. 6 days hunting Muskox in August. Only 4 sits so far for whitetails but the fun is about to start. Guess that adds up to about 20 days +/- hunting so far.

From: nchunter
Two weeks of turkey hunting. 9 days of whitetail bowhunting with only one deer seen and killed. Although it was the biggest deer I have ever killed with any weapon.

From: Bowboy
So far I’ve hunted antelope for 4 days in August and 28 days for elk in September. I’ll start hunting whitetail in November. Still haven’t taking any shot’s yet.

From: bigeasygator
Eight days (5 for Coues, 3 for antelope) and that'll probably be it for me for the year.

2 but I have all of November off. Going in the morning and every day till I kill a good buck.

From: JTreeman
Calendar year, I think I’m about 120ish, probably end up closer to 140-150 by Dec 31.



Nothing else excites me like putting an arrow through an animal. 75 minutes left in todays shooting time. Prime time.

From: Grey Ghost
Good luck, Charlie! I've got HUNT MAN by 2 days. LOL!


From: Ursman
Hunted antelope and my lies for 28 days.

From: Willieboat
Not near enough

From: Jaquomo
24 days for elk. Heading to the CO plains to hunt muleys and whitetails, then to Sonora for Coues.

No big urgency to kill something for the freezer since my wife whacked a damn bison and filled it, and we still have deer meat from last year, plus a lot of fish. So this season is purely "fun hunting".

From: WhattheFOC
12 days for elk. 2 dead bulls. 7 days for mules. 1 lucky buck. I have 15 days in November blocked out for whitetails at home - collision course with a certain 6x6. I wanna be a Treeman when I grow up.

From: Rut Nut
I thought Charlie had it good..................... but now I wanna be JTreeman! ;-)

I just noticed..........................................we must have been posting at the same time Trevor! (Great minds................................;-)

From: Buffalo1
I qualified for a regional senior golf tournament so I am still hunting birdies and eagles till 11/9. November 10-I will then change to whitetail and other species.

From: Medicinemann
Our Fall archery season opened on 10/01. I have hunted 29 days in western NY. Have filled my bear tag, my turkey tag, and a doe tag. All that I have left is my buck tag....

It's nice to be retired now:

Jan-10 days AZ deer/javelina

Jan/Feb- 5 days MX Coues

Jan-April -10 days AZ lion

April/May- 4 days AZ Turkey

July-5 days CA Blacktail

Aug- 8 days AZ deer/Bear

September- 9 days AZ Elk (wife and Charlie)

Nov-8 days OK whitetail

December 5 (= or -) days AZ deer

64 days for this year......maybe some more if we get snow and my houndsman buddy wants me to tag along again.

From: kota-man
I’m with Hunt on this one. I’m somewhere between “a lot” and “Treeman”. ;)

From: Paul@thefort
Hunted elk for one hour, first day in Colorado successful. Heading for WT in Nebraska tomorrow.

10 days for turkeys this Spring in Nebraska, unsuccessful

From: Oryx35
4 for moose if you count the travel days. Next up is elk in December.

About 30. Not nearly enough, but up from last year. Work is getting in my way. Next year will be better.

From: Beendare
This year? Early season deer a week, a few hog days, 3 weeks total for elk- I’m at about 33 days

But I shoot a recurve, so I have a built in excuse- grin

From: t-roy
Not nearly enough! I DO live vicariously through the Mullet of Death’s texts from his hunts, so I should earn at least a couple of days for that. 8-9 days in January for whiteys at home, plus a few days for varmints. 5 days in march for aoudad in Texas. 5 days in New Zealand in early April for red stag, tahr and fallow deer. 7-8 days in April and May for turks in Iowa and California. Only one sit so far at home for whiteys in October, but I’m fixin to change that starting Saturday.

From: longspeak74
5 for Whitetail, nothing to show for it yet. Planned to take all week off, but that work thing got in the way!

From: Shug
6 Mex coues 6 NJ Turkey 6 Mb Bear 6 NM antelope 7 nfl caribou 20+ NJ deer so far… 10 Kansas starting 11/2

5 bowfishing trips if they count

From: steve
2 afternoon sits in September 1 8ptr 3 afternoon sits in Oct 1 big 7 ptr . tagged out till Jan unless I want a doe. Best year ever !!!

From: Brotsky
On a scale of 0-Treeman I'm at about 15.

From: Who Cares
Mullet of Death - good one!

From: c3
Some of you guys need to get out more :)

Been out 37 days so far this year and have until Dec 15th.

One of these years I get to spend every single day of Sept in elk country. This year I had one work day and 3 days for an elderly aunts funeral I had to go to or I would have done it. Passed four small bulls and had an epic season with a couple friends trying on a couple growlers who played the private property game really well on us !!!

Can't ask for much more than that.

Cheers, Pete

From: Rut Nut
Yeah Pete! I’m working on it............... 3 more days (of work) and then I plan to DOUBLE my days in the stand this season! ;-)

From: Chief 419
Zero days so far but, I’m making up for it by leaving for Kodiak this afternoon :^)

From: buckeye
2 days, whitetails, one arrow sent, one more deer in the freezer.

From: StickFlicker
Probably about 25, 9 more if you count African big game.

From: scentman
I have yet to be out, they are starting the chasing phase here... that's getting me worked up. Weather has just been awful, plus full moon... old timer buddy use to tell me " get serious just before election day up till the end of the rut".

From: Jeff Durnell
Zero, unfortunately. And I've been on vacation for most all of Oct. Family commitments, looking for, selling, fixing, and buying houses, packing, scrapping, burning stuff, etc, and threw my back out last week, this time was the worst since I was 20. Ice packs, heat, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, massage, right leg is still numb down to the knee, and gotta move mom on friday come hell or high water. Hunting just ain't gonna happen.

From: Jeff Durnell
Even if I COULD walk out there and hunt, I wouldn't want to kill anything because I couldn't drag it out to the truck.

From: Treeline
Very slow year for me. Only AZ Coues deer this year. Probably got 10 days in during August-September.

Did get out for a couple of days with a buddy who had a great elk tag in AZ so that was fun…

From: Will
This year has been brutal. Like 4 sits maybe, each under 3hrs. Yesterday though I almost stalked a beauty of a buck in the drizzle here, he caught me at 30yds, and with no shot. Still felt like a win!

From: RD in WI
4 morning hunts for whitetail deer in Wisconsin.

From: TEmbry
I’d guess 30-45 without doing the math. Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Mule Deer, Sitka Blacktails, Mtn Goat were the targets. Didn’t seal the deal on blacktails or the bigger bears this year.

From: TonyBear
Only about 12 days so far, killed a fall turkey, some grouse. Deer have been playing it safe and staying out of range. Time to ramp up time on the stand but family stuff with a dying relative is making it difficult. Trying to support with wife and in-laws as much as possible.

Interestingly, my wife is the one bringing up the hunting schedule and tells me to get out there, but be available, which I have been.

40 elk 20 whitetail So far

From: fuzzy
3 so far. Had some arthritis issues first of the season couldn't draw the bow til last week.

From: fishnride
15 days Bighorn Sheep in August.

3 days elk in CO

12 days Elk in WY

14 for brown bear this spring, 6 days with the daughter black bear, 6 days for caribou, a couple days for deer at home and hoping less than 22 for sheep in November and probably a half dozen for WT back home.

I've spent way more days at a ball field for softball and baseball than I have hunting! Wouldn't trade it though! Fun watching the kids ball!

From: Smtn10PT
I think I have missed two or three days since the Oct1st opener.

From: gil_wy
18… all elk…

From: 12yards
10 days in SD and about 10 in MN.

From: caribou77

caribou77's embedded Photo
caribou77's embedded Photo
Just whitetails in Iowa this year…. Well an apple a day.

From: Brian M.
A lot, and yet, not enough. I'll let you know at the end of Dec.

From: PeteO

From: Ron Niziolek
I’d say roughly about 50.

From: Dale06
Five days for elk, no shots. Six days on deer, saw a few does, no bucks. Shot a doe on last sit. Very disappointed in the season.

From: Bou'bound
1/10th the number of transgender swimming pool posts. You do the math.

From: Pyrannah
not enough

From: steve
5 afternoon sits 2 bucks . tagged out till Jan . ct

From: Bowaddict
32. 18 for elk, 2 pronghorn and 12 whitetail. Maybe try Nebraska again over thanksgiving??

From: montnatom
usually average 40-50 or so days but got a buck on day 2. 3 days for antelope, got 2 does. Several for elk, several for turkey, no luck. 2 weeks and 75 hours in a tree in Penna, no shots, Have an extra buck tag on the Blackfoot good for late season, might get some time in December if it doesn't get too cold.

From: Starfire
I'm on day 24


Ricky The Cabel Guy's embedded Photo
Ricky The Cabel Guy's embedded Photo
whitetails only...9 sits before filling tag.

had the last of the back straps for lunch yesterday... :)

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