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New utv this week year
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Lewis 08-Nov-23
Shiloh 09-Nov-23
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RonP 09-Nov-23
deerhunter72 09-Nov-23
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Wildan2 09-Nov-23
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Timex? 11-Nov-23
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Hessticles 14-Nov-23
From: Lewis
Hey y’all I’m going to buy a new utv this coming year and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have a Rhino which has been good to us but it’s time for a new one. I want a bench type seat with a bed of course.Any recommendations would be appreciated.Thanks Lewis

From: Shiloh
Kawasaki mule pro fxt

From: craigmcalvey
My parents have a polaris 1000, and it’s been bulletproof. Hauling wood, deer, rocks, just a workhorse. Did need the boots replaced last year because they wore out from driving across corn stalks after about 10 years. I really can’t find anything I don’t like about it.

Polaris 1000. You won’t regret it

From: molsonarcher
Im a Honda guy myself. I have the Pioneer 700. Bench seat with a dump bed. I wont ever buy another Polaris.

From: GFL
Honda Pioneer 1000

From: RonP
regardless of brand, i heard there is a very noticeable difference in fuel mileage/consumption between the 1000 and 700 cc models. can anyone comment on this?

From: deerhunter72
Just bought a Mule ProFx LE. I know several people who really prefer the Mules. I like it so far. Really prefer the Honda brand, but they are much more expensive and the Kawasaki warranty is by far the best in the business. It’s not fancy, but the ride is very comfortable and it’s fairly quiet. The bench seat will hold 3 large adults comfortably. I didn’t get the second seat model because I don’t need it, and without it the bed is much bigger. I bought ‘23 that had the 812cc motor, gets 18 mpg. The ‘24’s now have the 999cc motor with higher top speeds. Could’ve bought the Ranger 1000 for the same money, but the seat wasn’t as wide and isn’t a bench type. Plus the bed was considerably smaller. Good luck!

From: Bowfreak
Pioneer 700 or 1000.

From: Bake
I'm on my second Ranger 1000. There are a lot of good machines out there, (my brother has the Pioneer and loves it), but the Ranger really fits my needs and wants.

I wouldn't trade the flat bench seat on the Ranger for any other machine. Sure, if you take it west and put 400 trail miles on it, the seat isn't comfortable for that. But for tooling around the yard or the farm, you can slide right into and out of that seat, instead of climbing in and out of a bucket seat like many other machines.

From: Wildan2
I went from a Rhino to a Viking,three seat across.Both have been excellent.Also own a Yamaha Kodiak;family has another Viking,Grizzley and Kodiak.All have been very good. Second choice would be any Kawasaki(owned one for 23 years).

From: JusPassin
Kawasaki Mule for sure

I've had a 2018 Polaris XP 1000 absolutely been a great machine. Needing to buy a crew cab and looking at Can Am Defender, they seem heavy built and reasonable in price.

From: Ziek
Curious why you want a bench seat? Back in 2018 we finally decided to get a UTV, and I knew nothing about them. Started looking at the Polaris Ranger 1000, but found the bench seat uncomfortable. Might be OK for ranch chores, not so much for longer rides. We also looked at Can Ams. Finally settled on the General 1000, and couldn't be happier. Can still be enclosed and heated, has a dump bed (which we don't need the dump feature), and will go pretty much anywhere any of them go. We use it for hunting in the Colorado back country, and have taken it to the Moab area several times (which we hadn't considered before buying it) and ridden just about all the harder trails. We often ride with friends that have a turbo Rzr, and depending on the trail, have less trouble than they do. Plenty of options to set it up for your needs. Probably one of the most versatile machines out there. My only complaint with all of them is they're too damn noisy.

From: Shiloh
My second mule turned over 3000 miles yesterday while the boys and I were out feeding. I never have given any thought to the bench seat being uncomfortable??? Had the 2nd row seats slid in and 500# of feed in the bed in 50# sacks

From: Lewis
Thank y’all for the input lots of options Lewis

From: pav
Another vote for Honda. Bought a new Pioneer 700 back in June...loving it so far!

My Honda Rubicon is 20 years old this year and still going strong. Main reason I went with the Pioneer.

From: Rickm
Lewis, Dan had 12000 on the 570 RZR. Until it broke in camp:) I am partial too Yamaha. Hope all is well.


They make the ranger in an electric version. Super quiet and great to get around the farm especially during hunting season. My friend has two, maybe I’ll buy one from him when he upgrades to a new model….

Haven’t checked if other brands also make a legit electric SxS.

From: Lewis
Thanks Rick we’re hanging in there hope y’all are doing well I would give anything if a really reliable electric utv or atv was being produced my Yamahas have served me well Lewis

From: Shiloh
I have a 2014 ranger ev that I did a lithium conversion on about a year and a half ago and it has been solid. The batteries cost about as much as I paid for the cart originally, but much more economical than buying a new EV. I have another buddy that did the same thing and he has been happy with his.

From: Timex?
Somewhat unrelated to modern stuff, but I'll put in a good word for Honda. I have a 1980s something 200 2wd 4 wheeler that is as dependable as anything I've ever owned with a gas motor on it.......

From: greg simon
Honda is still living off the reputation established by those early atvs.

From: goyt
I have the Kawasaki Mule Pro and I like it. I use it to haul tree stands, fertilizer, lime and things like that. I like the bench seat for the short runs that I do. Usually less that 2 miles. If I were to be riding for hours at a time the bench seat is not that comfortable. I think that the Mule Pro is best suited as a hunting and work tool and not a trail riding machine.

From: Hessticles
Have the general xp4 1000 general and love it

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