Blinds-surround view type?
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Hunt98 12-Nov-23
Jaquomo 12-Nov-23
RD 12-Nov-23
beemann 12-Nov-23
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WV Mountaineer 14-Nov-23
From: Hunt98
I’m looking for a blind that has surround view type mess with a tall center height for Traditional bows.

Who makes a tall center for Traditional bows?

From: Jaquomo
I never had any issues shooting my trad bows out of any pop up blinds, including dome-style like Doghouses. I'm 6'3. I just adjusted my seat height. But I also shoot with a natural cant, not vertical like target shooters. YMMV.

From: RD
Barronet makes 84" blinds that will fill the bill. It depends on what and where I'm hunting which blind I use. I have 5, Antelope hunting I us a heavy(600 denier 72" Muddy)blind for the wind. Turkey and deer hunting in the woods where the wind isn't an issue I use a lighter( denier 300) blind. I shoot longbows and recurves and my blinds are 68"-84" tall.

From: beemann
Hunted turkeys out of a double bull double wide this spring .... Worked great, I shoot a 58" recurve and cant as needed....

From: Groundhunter
I did not like the surround view blinds. First I hunt north country, they get cold, more wind coming thru. I like a closed up blind, ,,,,I shot my recurve out of a Primos XL Club blind, but it's not made anymore. I build alot of natural blinds, but have 2 hub blinds



Ricky The Cabel Guy's embedded Photo
Ricky The Cabel Guy's embedded Photo
i have a couple ameristep g-30 hub blinds that i bought on clearance years ago. use them with with a 58" recurve for turkey hunting and occasional deer hunting. not optimal with a center height of 64" but they do the trick and they were ridiculously cheap.

if im not mistaken the "g-30 is now the "brickhouse" and it is a few inches bigger all the way around.

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