Bill Maher On Western Civilization
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From: DL

DL's Link
So Good. Part of his war on progressives.

From: Matt
As he has gotten older, he has gotten wiser.

From: Mint
Welcome to the party Bill, the progressives have lost their collective minds going woke.

From: Bowfreak
He's still a raging liberal but is willing to point out the absurdness of the woke driving the Democrat party off the cliff. I can handle Bill Maher most of the time, but he still has the ability to be so far off base it is not funny. Kinda like the time I watched him say on his show that he felt it would be better to introduce children to smoking cigarettes versus taking them hunting.

From: drycreek
He is an ass ! An ass that has a moment of clarity now and then is still an ass.

From: Zbone
I agree with drycreek...

i agree with much of what he said...but the last sentence of that video says everything you really need to know about bill maher.

From: KSflatlander
Sometimes Bill is just spot on…especially the last sentence lol. Here here

From: csalem
Great comments for sure. His last comments were made so as to not totally lose his audience. Age usually comes with wisdom.

His interviews with several other people have been interesting also.

From: TGbow
There's a difference between a Liberal and a Leftist. I found myself agreeing with AOC for voting against the Engine Kill Bill. Liberty is always a good matter who pushes for it . Sometimes I agree with Bill..sometimes not.

From: 12yards
Yeah, moderate republicans are so radical.

"Yeah, moderate republicans are so radical."

to a leftist...even moderate democrats look radical...let alone republicans.

think about a leftist...anyone that believes in god...or thinks there are only two a radical.

From: TGbow
Yep, were labeling people as Liberals that are really leftist/Marxist. And labeling people Conservatives that are really Fascist/statist

From: HDE
If "we" actually listened with the intent to understand instead of the intent to reply, "we" would find out that "we" have a lot in common...

From: scentman
I could care less what the FOC that ass says about anything, next he'll be quoting Mother Theresa... jerk!

"If "we" actually listened with the intent to understand instead of the intent to reply, "we" would find out that "we" have a lot in common..."

can you give an example?

i cant think of much i have in common with a leftist...including thinking "moderate republican" is a "contradiction in terms."

maher talks a big game but come election time...he will fall in line with the democrats...and then spend the next for years talking about how crazy they are.

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