Where to sell V3 bow and other misc?
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Charles 15-Nov-23
fuzzy 15-Nov-23
KY EyeBow 15-Nov-23
HDE 15-Nov-23
midwest 15-Nov-23
Bowboy 15-Nov-23
Bou'bound 16-Nov-23
carcus 16-Nov-23
Charles 16-Nov-23
From: Charles

Charles's embedded Photo
Charles's embedded Photo
This is the post I have been putting up. I am wondering if there is any places everyone could think of for me to post my stuff?

I have a 31” Mathews V3 with 29” draw @ 60lbs with a Mathews 8” stabilizer, a jakt sling with wrist sling, brand new gas strings with 20 shots on them. I also have 3 Carbon SS sticks stealth stripped & 4 XOP X2 sticks XOP Mondo saddle with all ropes and straps included. I have a left handed Mathews QAD integrate MX rest. I have 9 VAP SS 4mm arrows 350 spine.

From: fuzzy
There's a Bowsite classified page. Try there

From: KY EyeBow
Archery Talk Classifieds would be my suggestion

From: HDE
It might move on Rokslide.

From: midwest
AT for sure

From: Bowboy
Yep Archery Talk. If you don’t have account you’ll have to register, and have 20 posts before you can advertise in the classifieds.

From: Bou'bound
I have sold a lot of stuff over the years on the both side, classified at least 10 bows, optics, clothes, equipment, arrows, broadheads, and other things

I have found it to be very helpful with the only drawback being you can’t remove an ad after something is sold, it lives on the site for eternity with no ability to delete

From: carcus
AT classifieds

From: Charles
Thank you everyone

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