Outfitting Allocations bought by Anti's
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From: APauls

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Here's how it is going down in BC. Coming soon to a Grizzly/Wolf area near you. They've just got too much money.

From: Lewis
That sucks damn I know I saw the best of times good luck Lewis

From: Trial153
We’re too busy paying 600k for sheep tag. Carry on

From: Bou'bound
In the end we know what the characteristics of the winning faction will be. They will be the most:

Socially aware, Innovative, Well funded, Strategically aligned, and Effective communicators

The winner will out work the losers and apply the above.

Who is your money on?

From: drycreek
This is gonna eventually work out just like the “immigrant “ situation, the stupid libs just can’t see it. Right now, citizens of a Denver suburb are concerned about the “sanctuary city “ bullshit that 90% of them voted for. The wolf and the grizzly situation will wind up just the same, we just won’t be alive to see it. Their success will bight them in the ass, possibly literally.

From: Buckdeer
Is that a yearly cost and then they raise that much a year to pay their lease?Wonder if to guide for grizz ecotourism you have to have a guides license

From: BrentC
Does this only close the concession to commercial hunting? I wonder if resident hunters can still go into theses areas.

From: Ace
I have seen this tried before with Anti Hunters buying trapping rights to public land. A slight tweak in the regs might prevent or deal with it effectively. Something like: "Purchasing Hunting Rights to an area requires that lease holder actually hunts the lease and that Biological Goals be achieved." OR: you can require all bidders to have previous experience and demonstrated success at the task.

We will never match the funding of these idiots, so we have to out think them, and out work them.

I wonder if they lease the rights, and don't even attempt to achieve the goals that Fish & Game has set, and say someone is hurt or killed due to an overpopulation of game; if they might have some legal responsibility. Any Bowsite Lawyers care to weigh in on that?

The number one problem we have is Apathy. We as hunters, (trappers, shooters etc) love to complain and argue BUT we don't put our money where are mouths are and get involved, financially and especially politically. Hell in most states more than half of the Hunters aren't even registered to vote. We should start there. Get involved at the local and state level! Fight for what you love and believe in or don't be surprised if your grandkids can't participate in Hunting.

From: Trial153
Resident hunters in BC can hunt anywhere in the province that there tag is good for.

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