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Bow stand in ground blind
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From: Frenchman
Turkey season around the corner... How do you keep your bow up with nocked arrow in your ground blind? I am searching amazon for one of the stabilizers with 'v-shaped legs'.. any home made devices? suggestions? hang from the roof?

From: VogieMN
I use these and I love them. They are nice cause you can unscrew them and put them in your bowcase when you aren't using them. I don't know if they are in business anymore though.

From: Frenchman
Thanks VogieMN. I have tried the plastic clamp-on-the-limbs style - but I want something I do not have to remove before shooting.. Bowstix website no longer works.. sent them a message via messanger..

From: Lost Arra

Lost Arra's Link
Third Hand Archery ground bow holder. Get a Hip Clip too. Very handy.

From: TonyBear
A hook on the ceiling of the blind, braces on the side poles if needed.

From: Boreal
I tie a knot in the end of a piece of paracord then tie it to one of the roof rods. Put the knot right where the cam and the string meet.

From: Jasper

Jasper's embedded Photo
Jasper's embedded Photo
These work great. I shoot with mine on, no issues. Only thing I do is wrap it around the limb a few times with electrical tape to keep it from possibly getting knocked off. I lost one once walking through a thicket. God bless and good luck!!!

From: Shug
I don’t use a blind for turkey but when deer hunting I hang a string from the ceiling rod and tie a large loop and hang it from there… You can slide it back and forth to any location As well as adjust the height to the perfect location

From: Live2Hunt
I had one that you would push into the ground that worked good and then not good if you were on soft ground. I lost the damn thing turkey hunting. In a haste moving setups, I had set it on the ground and could not find it again. I looked and looked in the area and it is just gone? My recurve actually worked better with it than when I used a compound because of the weight difference. I am in need of another.

From: Frenchman
I though the clamp on styles had to be removed before shooting - maybe time for me to try some shots with it (I have a cheap plastic one).. and try the ceiling string loop idea..

Thanks guys - I appreciate the ideas - thinking about turkey hunting is the best I can do until our season opens here in Quebec, Canada April 26...

From: Jaquomo
The clamps don't open wide enough to fit my Bowtech RealmX. I do the roof hang thing but had a problem getting it loose from the hook a couple times, so I'm also looking for a ground based solution.

From: midwest
A huge plus for Mathews and their Engage Limb Legs. Last year I used my Bowtech for turkeys and used the clamp on Bow-Jack stand. I shove it all the way forward to the limb pocket and it shoots fine with it on.

From: bghunter
I am with Jasper I used one on my bear hunt last year and love it. Didn't have to remove it before the shot either.

I know pretty much shoot with it on all the time and have had no issues.

From: Griz
I've been using one of those cheap shepherds hooks used to hold a hanging plant. I bent the end a bit to better hang my bow on and to make it easy to lift off. Laugh if you have to but it works really well and no cam contact on the ground or a thing hanging on your limbs. It works just like a treestand hanger.

From: hawg
I use a short bungee cord with thick plastic hooks. Hook on roof pole and hang bow on other hook end. You can slide it up and down the roof pole to position the bow in a comfortable location to grab when needed and all the way down to the side of the blind to get it out of the way while packing or unpacking where the bow stays hanging off the ground while against the side of blind. The bungee cord is also used to help secure the collapsed blind for transport.

From: Matt
I’ve never had a situation where a shot opportunity on a turkey caught me by surprise, so I just lay the bow in the ground with and arrow nocked (or with an arrow leaning against the side of the blind).

If you hand a cord, make sure it is in a spot that won’t interfere with your upper cam while shooting. It would be no fun to be the guy that impresses the local archery shop staff by having the best story of how your bow string derailed and blew your bow up.

From: Lewis
Hmmm interesting I usually lay mine across my lap but some of these gadgets look pretty cool ?? Lewis

From: JTreeman
I use one exactly like in Jaspers pic. It’s adjustable, but have heard some guys can’t get it to work for wide split limb bows. Works great on my Bowtech. I have always shot with mine on, never a problem at all. Far superior to the across lap, or laying on ground, or leaning on blind side IMO. Cheap and simple, worth a try, if you don’t like it not much lost…

I think the stand Mathew’s has for their bows is the absolute cats meow, I’m not a big Mathew’s fan, but that accessory alone is possibly enough to sway me to the dark side…


From: Bou'bound
i will never forget that piece of crap equipment that was out years ago that bolted to the lower limb by cam and allowed the bow to be used as a trekking pole or otherwise protect the limb tip and cam.

who in the heck was going to use their compound as a walking stick?

From: drycreek
I took a plastic covered hook off of a busted ratchet strap and hung it from a rod, that worked pretty well. I’ve also used the ground stakes and the plastic thingys that attatched to your lower limb like Jasper pictured. I liked the hook best.

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