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From: scentman
I know it's two NY lacrosse teams in the finals, but any you bowsiters into lacrosse? Buffalo Bandits are vying for the title again this season. Go Bandits! scentman

From: drycreek
I wear LaCrosse boots, does that count ? ;-))

From: RK
LMAO ! Good one Don !!

From: scentman
You Texans stick together, couple of smart asses;0) lol scentman

From: Rut-Nut
I just opened to see what NLL was…………..nah, not me. ;-)

From: Bou’bound
Finals of what

Well done, Don. Well done.

From: Rgiesey
Grandkids watch the pll and college. They play all over but I haven’t heard of nll

From: Supernaut
My son plays high school lacrosse. He and I watch college together. I have seen some PLL and NLL but haven't really gotten into it.

Hahaha. Reminds me of the movie “Daddy’s Home”

“No one’s into smooth Jazz Brad”

Brad: “I’m into Smooth Jazz”

No one's “into” lacrosse Eric! ;^)

From: sundowner
What's lacrosse? Ain't that some kind of cheap boot?

From: Will
Ok, that's cool. Lacrosse is a fantastic sport, and if I'm not wrong, it was originated by Native Americans who happened to be in the upstate NY area - which would make two teams in the finals extra cool.

I watch it when I see it on tv or a few times when I've bumbled into a game while on a college campus... But will admit I dont follow it.

It's great sport, that's for dang sure!

From: 4nolz@work
only thing worse than political thread is a lacrosse thread followed closely by a hockey thread

From: scentman
followed by a mushroom thread...;0) I'll play along. scentman

From: butcherboy
How about air hockey? I let my 6 year old daughter beat me 10 games in a row tonight. Followed by a few games of table soccer or whatever it’s called.

From: LTG 11
I played in college. Actually played against Adam Foss, Tom Foss's son, so that makes this all bowhunting related.

I'm more of a NCAA lacrosse fan. But a younger guy from my school plays NLL. Graeme Hossack. I think he's decent...for a canadian.

From: scentman
Well the Bandits are the only professional team to bring a trophy to Buffalo... sure beats "wide right" or "skate in the crease". When the Bandits play at home that place is filled to capacity and boy it's rockin! scentman

From: Ambush
Football was invented for pussies not tough enough to play Lacrosses.

From: scentman
Rod, I tell my wife that in hockey they call every little thing, basketball is a joke with the calls the refs make... Lacrosse is a whole different animal, a cross check to the head usually gets 2 minutes, when it is called. ;0) scentman

From: glenbow
There is a player on the Halifax Thunderbirds who’s last name is Bowhunter.

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