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Waterproof Boot - Schnee type?
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Acres4wildlife 09-May-24
RonP 09-May-24
Seems like all rubber boots make my feet sweat & I have never found a truly waterproof lace up boot. I don't care for the lack of tread or speed laces on Bean boots so I was wondering about the pros & cons of Schnee or similar brand. I like the air bob sole and lacing system. Wondering about fit, comfort, etc. I have pretty flat feet too. Primary use is for mid-west whitetails. Thoughts?? Suggestions?? Thanks

From: RonP
if you are referring to the rubber bottom boot with leather upper, commonly referred to as a pac boot, check out hoffman boots out of kellogg, idaho. their boot is better than the schnees - better shank and leather.

they do boot work too, and may be able to customize a fit for you.

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