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New Potential #3 B&C Typical Whitetail
Whitetail Deer
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From: Zbone

Zbone's embedded Photo
Zbone's embedded Photo
Another one of those basement/attic/barn bucks coming to light after 32 years:

"Lost For 30 Years: New Potential #3 Whitetail and Illinois State Record Entered

A typical whitetail scoring 207-7/8 was stashed in an Illinois basement for 32 years until some electrical work needed to be done. When the electrician saw it, he was shocked!"

Brows are over a foot long. That's a crazy buck.

From: Franzen
Be interesting to see if the scoring holds up. It's honestly surprising you don't see more of these that push the upper echelon in the record books.

From: Grey Ghost
I think some would be surprised how many world class bucks have never been entered. A lot of old school hunters couldn’t care less about scores and records.

From: Will
GG is spot on. While not in that class, I know several older guys who have 150+ inch bucks on the wall, and they never knew the book was a thing and now they dont care.

That said, that's an amazing buck!

From: Insheart
I remember my dad talking about some true monster racks on some of the bucks they shot on the farm.

One time I asked him why they never kept them. His answer: "you can't eat the horns!"

Droopy ears

From: deerhunter72
I love it! Thanks for sharing this Zbone. This proves that we just don’t know what kind of record book antlers might be laying around in a barn or basement. I’ve shared this before, but I have a very good friend who has killed more deer than anyone I know. He’s a stubborn German fella about my dad’s age, known him and his family my whole life. About 8 years ago he killed a main frame 8pt that was 24” inside and had double 12” drop tines, scored over 220”. He killed the deer with his recurve sitting on a bucket on the ground,on public ground no less. He didn’t want ANYONE to know about it and his son had to talk him into getting a shoulder mount. Word did get out and he got a call from North American Whitetail wanting to do a story about the deer and he turned them down cold and also gave the reporter a piece of his mind about the magazines “politics”. When he was telling me and dad about the reporter calling him, he said “I’ve got at least 10 racks in my shed that would go over 150, why would I do an article on this one deer…” Some people just don’t want the attention or notoriety.

From: Jaquomo
Know of a basement in Eastern CO with a dozen muley racks between 200-250 that have never been entered in any record book. I think they left the carcasses for coyote bait, since they raise and eat beef and don't like venison.

From: Duke
Richard Rompola was the hunter?

From: 12yards
Insheart, I thought ground horn was an aphrodisiac. Your dad was missing out!

“When the electrician saw it, he was shocked!"

Gotta keep your mind on your work, I guess…. :p

“He killed the deer with his recurve sitting on a bucket on the ground,on public ground no less. He didn’t want ANYONE to know about it …”

Don’t blame him. Somebody’d no doubt figure out his spot and blow it to hell…. I sure would love to see a story about a buck of that size though… one that involves no products, no food plots, no trail-cams, no shed collecting and no multi-year “quest”…. Just “Well, the wind shifted, so I moved my bucket to the other side of the trail, sat my ass down, and waited quietly ’til this nice buck walked by. And then I shot him.”

From: Dale06
Also, I agree with GG. I know a guy with three non typical mule deer between 190 and 214. , all archery kills. Non entered in any book and very few people have seen them. No it is not me, I wish it was. There’s probably may more trophy deer in barns and on walls that are not entered than there are entered in the books.

From: deerhunter72
Corax, that's pretty much how that big buck got killed. And it could've been any deer that walked by that morning, it just so happened to be a monster. Said he didn't even realize just how big the deer and rack was until he walked up on the deer and decided he was going to need help getting it out.

From: Babysaph
I’ve got a bunch of BC deer horns in an old box I killed with my bow. I don’t eat the horns so I lopped em off and threw them in there. I don’t take pictures of em either lol.

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