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Ranchero Safaris/Shoshone Special
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If this is being posted under my name, it is because there is an issue with our PIN and it is being fixed. Ranchero Safaris with Magnus Crossberg is trying to fill one last group spot the first 7-10 days of August. NO DAILY RATE! Trophy fees only and the usual safari trimmings including airport pick up from Polokwane. And NO...the trophy fees have not been increased to make up the difference. Check out the link to our website or Magnus' website for more details. This is for a group so you would have the entire lodge to yourself. This ad is being run through Shoshone Adventure Consulting. Shoot me a message for more information. Magnus is top shelf and run a great operation and he has an impeccable reputation.

This hunt is still available. No daily rate and trophy fees only. This would be a great last-minute trip for a group of fellas.

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