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This nice blonde boar bear was 5 foot nose to tail. I actually got some video of him first, not sure whether I was going to shoot him or not. When he came in the third time I decided to shoot. Well since the angle was so sharp, my shot was not fatal. I went in behind his shoulder and exited through his chest. The arrow passed through his rib cage but missed any vitals if you can imagine that???. After some time and about 80 yards and very little blood I decided to wait. I tracked him another 20 yards or so and never found him or much if any more blood????. I was depressed and concerned that the bear was unrecovered. Unbelievably, he came to the bait the next night and as soon as he gave me a broadside shot - I took it. This time he didn't get 20 yards before expiring. What a pretty color and very thick fur.

Details about Dave Stone 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 05/25/1999
State - AB
County - Peace River
Time of Day - Afternoon
Sex - M
Black, Brown, or Polar Bear

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - PSE 5050
Broadhead - Muzzy
Arrow - Aluminum

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

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