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I have been hunting hard all season, with all day sits this week. After hunting all day yesterday and seeing just a couple of does, I had a hard time getting up at 345am. But you can't get them sitting at home. I got set in one of my spots in State Forest before light. Soon after I heard a deer walking behind me following my trail. As it got lighter out I could just make it out at 25 yds. He turned and started right for the tree, and stopped at 10 yds looking up at me. He started doing the foot stomp, and bounded away and stopped slightly quartering away at 28 yds. I hit him behind the shoulder and he took off on a dead run about 8 seconds later and 150 yds, I heard him crash! He looks to be 3 or 4 years old, over 160lbs dressed. First Mature buck I have seen this year! What a great day to be out. Turning out to be a great year so far!

Details about Isaac Heath 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 11/12/2012
State - Ct
County - middlesex
Time of Day - Morning
Sex - M
Whitetail Deer

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - Hoyt
Broadhead - NAP Kill-Zone
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

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