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I haven't been out hunting for about 10 days after hunting hard all season and getting burnt out! I went out to a archery only spot I have in East Haddam, and got into the tree by 2:15, and immediately I had a button buck come under my tree and stuck around sniffing a cover scent I put out. Then at 3:20 had a doe come in limping. They wandered around till at 4pm I heard something making a loud dragging noise. It was a good buck with a very wide strange looking rack slowly working down the hill limping heavily. He took about 15 min to work down to 30 yards where I was able to get a broadside shot he only went 40 yards and piled up! When I got down to him he had lost both his antlers on the death run! I was able to find them both, and reattached them for some pics when I got home! The buck was missing his left front foot, and was blind in the left eye. I used an earn a buck tag!

Details about Isaac Heath 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 12/13/2012
State - Ct
County - Middlesex
Time of Day - Afternoon
Sex - M
Whitetail Deer

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - Hoyt Magnatech
Broadhead - Nap Kill-Zone
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

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