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On our way out to set up camp, we spotted this lone bull in a stalkable position, so I decided to try for him. We were able to stalk out of sight by staying above him on a rock bluff. He knew something was up when I popped up just above him, but after several minutes of him rubbing his forehead on his front legs, he finally turned and gave me a broadside shot. At the impact, he spun in a circle but stopped broadside, so I put another arrow into his lungs. He was down within 30 seconds of the first shot and almost immediately after the second.

Details about Sean Buckley 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 08/25/2012
State - NT
County - Victoria Island
Time of Day - Mid Day
Sex - M

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - BowTech Invasion CPX
Broadhead - 150 grain VPA 3 blade
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

  • Sitka Gear