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Was hunting Lincoln ranch down south Texas at night! Had set up the tripod about 100 yes from the feed barrel and was watching with binocs. They have dim green feeder lights. Saw about 7 or 8 hogs on the barrel with one real brute! Got down and stalked to about 15 yes when the big one spooked. I eased up to 7 steps and kneeled down to wait. Wasn't long when about 5 piglets came in... Right about when I was going to shiksabob the piglets the sow came in. She about ran me over after I shot her.

Details about Dustin Newer 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 03/07/2013
State - TX
County - Crane
Time of Day - Morning
Sex - F

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - Hill
Broadhead - 160 grain grizzly
Arrow - Wood

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

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