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This waterbuck circled the blind for nearly two hours before coming in near dark. The kudu that were around the mineral licks jostled him out and I thought he was leaving, so when he gave me a quartering to shot, I took it. The shot was a bit off, clipping one lung and the liver, but passed totally through, the arrow never to be found again. We were able to get on him with the tracking dog and found him nearing last light.

Details about Sean Buckley 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 07/23/2013
State - OT
County - Northwest
Time of Day - Afternoon
Sex - M

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX
Broadhead - VPA Bowtech Invasion CPX
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

  • Sitka Gear