Carbon Express Arrows

This was the 4th day of the hunt and very next morning after taking my Cape Buffalo and Sable 26 minutes apart. We went to the Mountain blind which was good for bull Livinston Eland. We could hear them coming as their hooves click on the big bulls. 7 bulls came in, three shooters. We singled out the biggest bull. Right before the shot they all ran off, wind swirl or something but 3 came back in and the biggest bull was one of them. Had a 24 yard shot. Double lunged him to opposite shoulder. Bull wheeled and went 105 yards and was down quick and clean. The Ashby 315 broadhead did the trick with the Grizzly Stik Safari Arrow at 956 grains total. Alex my guide was awesome in picking out the best bull. He had 13 inch bases and was 34 inchs long. He went Gold with SCI and is the new #13 with a bow at 94 3/8 inches. Best 18 hours of bowhunting in my life. Neil Summers from Bowhunting Safari Outfitters booked the hunt with Phillip Kruger at Chattaronga Safaris. Both are outstanding.

Details about George Clark 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 07/19/2014
State - OT
County - South Africa
Time of Day - Morning
Sex - M

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - PSE Dream Season DNA
Broadhead - Ashby 315 single bevel
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

  • Sitka Gear