Summit Treestands

The evening I got this buck, I had originally planned on hunting the head of a draw that we'd watched deer pour into that morning. However, a cougar had the same idea. After taking several photos, I had my guide pick me up since I didn't feel like competing with a superior predator. On the way to show his uncle the cougar photos, we noticed a nice mule deer bedded in a weedy field edge. A short stalk and shot later and my buck was down in sight! Not many people are fortunate enough to even photograph a cougar, much less have a cougar be the reason they get their mule deer!

Details about Sean Buckley 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 09/16/2015
State - AB
County - Cypress
Time of Day - Afternoon
Sex - M
Mule Deer

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX
Broadhead - VPA 150 grain 3 blade
Arrow - Carbon/Graphite

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

  • Sitka Gear