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My hunting partner took this buck on Thanksgiving morning at 9:00 am. This buck was grunted in using a Tru-Talker. He has had this buck inside of 8 yards twice and did not have a shot. He did not hunt this area for about 5 weeks, waiting for the rut to kick in. He called him in from about 80 yards. The shot was 23 yards, slightly quartering. Hit a little low, took the liver and near lung. The buck took 3 steps sideways as the arrow went through and 5 steps forward and bedded down. He watched the buck until 11:30, when he had to go to the in-laws, and then got down and snuck out. This buck was recovered the next morning, less than 100 yards from where it initially bedded down. Gross score of 170 2/8”, should net 163-166” after 60 days. This is his second P & Y buck in 2 years from the same stand. Last years buck netted 127 7/8”

Details about Greg Callaghan 's hunt

Hunt Details

Date Killed - 11/28/2002
State - Mo
County - St. Clair
Time of Day - Morning
Sex - M
Whitetail Deer

Equipment Details

Bow Make/Model - Martin Cougar Magnum
Broadhead - Muzzy 125 gr.3 blade
Arrow - Aluminum

Recovery Details

Recovery Details

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