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This is a 2015 model CBE single pin (.10 & .19) LH adjustable bow sight. It has been used once, and comes with the 6" dovetail mount for greater accuracy. Also included are two additional fiber optic cables, and one additional sight pin. This sight is ideal for both hunting, target, & 3d shooting. It comes with engraved sight tapes out to 100+ yards. Other than having some dust on it from sitting in my closet, it's in perfect condition... Oh, and don't forget about the rheostat light to light up your pin in low light situations. Yes, I know that Idaho doesn't allow it for hunting purposes, but for those nighttime glow stick shoots, as well as hunting in other states it comes in very handy. It is a left handed model, so if you shoot wrong handed, this is the sight for you! I paid $330 for it last year, which is what the 2016 models are going for. $185 is a steal.

Make: CBE
Price: $185.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 70 lbs
Draw Length 29"
Contact Seller: Idaho Dave - email at [email protected]
OR Send Seller a Private Message Idaho Dave
Seller's State: Idaho
Submitted: 20-May-16


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