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Easton FMJ 6 mm arrows 320's

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I have 30 Easton FMJ 6 mm arrows for sale. The majority have never been shot, I have a couple that need to be refletched and I'll throw those in. There is total arrow count of 34 including the arrows that need to be refletched. These are mostly to a total arrow length of 30" (insert to nock). About a dozen of them are about 1/4" shorter. I bought them at two different places and one place cut them slightly differently. I haven't noticed much difference in impact between the length difference but I wanted to make any potential buyer aware of the discrepancy. Nothing wrong with these arrows, I just went to the Easton FMJ 300's.

Make: Easton
Price: $200.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 80 lbs
Draw Length 29"
Contact Seller: EliteFan - email at
OR Send Seller a Private Message EliteFan
Seller's State: Montana
Submitted: 13-Jun-16


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