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VPA Two blade Broadheads - 250 grain

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I have several VPA two blade broadheads for sale. I have 6 of the VPA 250 grain 1 1/8" cut two blade broadheads in original packaging for $ 75. These are usually $ 55/ per three on the VPA website. I also have 9 (2 have been practiced with and can be sharpened if need be) of the 250 grain 1 1/4" cut two blade broadheads. These are not in the original packaging but 7 of them have NOT been shot or practiced with. $ 75. I also have field points and arrow footers if you are interested that I will likely throw in. I also have Easton Dangerous Game FMJ arrows on the classifieds if you want the whole package.

Make: VPA
Price: $75.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: EliteFan - email at
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Seller's State: Montana
Submitted: 13-Jun-16


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