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If you have ever had a trail camera stolen it sits pretty hard in your belly. 90% of trail camera users do not protect their cameras from theft. We have our Cam Guardian on sale on our website for 20% off by using the code "bowsite". Regular price is $29.99. The coupon saves you $6.00. This guardian system is a solid Aluminum housing combined with a specially coated steel band that is extremely rust resistant. This replaces your vinyl strap included with most cameras. Simply run the steel strap through the hoops on the rear of the camera. Run it through the housing. Tighten the unique proprietary screw with our L wrench. It will dimple the band into the back of the housing making it impossible to come loose. Most importantly push the camera and housing down on the tree to prevent gaps. This will make it impossible to get under the band and potentially cut it. There are so many jackasses waiting to steal cameras out there. This year make it super tough to take yours. Go to and order some at this discounted rate. If you want 10 or more e mail me at and I will give you a very attractive price. My best regards, Gary

Make: Guardian Hunting LLC
Price: $24.99
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Guardian Hunter - email at
OR Send Seller a Private Message Guardian Hunter
Seller's State: Ohio
Submitted: 31-Aug-16


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