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Hoyt Contender XT3000 2013 complete kit mint condition

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Hello. I am selling my basically brand new archery complete kit for target shooting. I shot it maybe 600 arrows and find I shoot guns better so I am unloading all my equipment in a package deal ONLY...I will not seperate out. It is a 2013 Hoyt COntender with the XT3000 limbs 50-60 lbs and draw length is 29.5-31 inches. I am also including the following: Doinker Platinum hi-mod main stab. 30" long Doinker side bars (qty 2) Platinum hi-mod 12 " long V-bar base Sure Loc supreme 550 sight Sure Loc Black Eagle Scope .60 large lens 1 dozen X7 2413 arrows with 150 gr tips at 31 inch length quiver clairfier peep sight SKB roller custom case TSA approved for travel and everything fits nicely in it. Have almost $4K invested in all the goodies but am willing to part for much cheaper.

Make: Hoyt
Price: $900.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 50 lbs
Draw Length 29"
Contact Seller: jlohman1 - email at [email protected]
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Seller's State: Arizona
Submitted: 27-Nov-16


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