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Hand Carved Bowhunter & Whitetail Buck - "Moment of Truth"

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Hi, I am a wood carver from Wisconsin. I have been out bow hunting these past couple weeks here during the rut, without any success yet. The only Whitetail deer I have are carved out of wood . I wanted to offer this wood carving that I hand carved of a Bowhunter & Whitetail Buck. I call it "moment of truth". I have literally had an idea in my mind's eye for a carving like this for two decades because I enjoy bowhunting so much. I finally took the time to come up with a design. I have one finished carving that is available now, but I will take orders for more. You can purchase this carving at my website Just click "shop" to find it, and you can see all of the details about this piece and view more pictures. Thanks, Clint

Make: Carved by Me
Price: $295.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Woodcarver - email at
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Seller's State: Wisconsin
Submitted: 12-Nov-18


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