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LH 60# RX1 Ultra #3 cam

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I am selling my RX1 Ultra to make room for my new RX4 Ultra. Great bow that is in good shape. Has a few scratches on the rest mounting plate from the lockdown rest screws and on limb tips where it contacted press fingers. Other than that the bow is great. Bow comes with a Cool Hand Luke Vibekiller and the splitter upgrade for the RX3 and Gas Bowstrings. Strings are in good shape and definitely have another year at a minimum left in them. Stock string stop and original aluminum cable splitter is included. The bow will also ship with the Redworks soft case. Case is a little dirty and has a scratch on the quiver pocket but functions perfectly. Peep is pictured but not included. #3 cam 60# black 85% mods. 28-31" draw. $750 tyd lower 48. Will ship anywhere but will negotiate shipping if not lower 48. Contact me and I can send all the pics you want.

Make: Hoyt
Price: $750.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: GOOD
Bow Weight 60 lbs
Draw Length 31"
Contact Seller: Bowfreak - email at
OR Send Seller a Private Message Bowfreak
Seller's State: Kentucky
Submitted: 21-Jan-20


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