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Easton RX7 Arrow Shafts

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I purchased these arrow shafts about two weeks ago from Lancaster Archery Supply. I had been told that they are designed by Easton for finger shooters and the tapered shafts are supposed to be more forgiving, so I wanted to try them. I talked to the "Expert Recurve" guy at Lancaster and he told me that with a 29 to 29 1/2" draw, shooting a 35 pound Win&Win bow that these are the shafts that I needed. He also told me I would need to shoot 100 or 120 grain points in them. Turns out he doesn't know what he's talking about. These are way to weak for me even after cutting two inches off of them and going down to a 78 grain nib point. So they have been used for about an hour. Only six of them have been fletched and the fletching has been removed from them. There are tiny shiny marks in the blue anodizing where they ran across my Cavalier rest while testing them. The do have nock inserts in them but no points. After shipping I paid $159.00 for them. I’m asking $100.00 for them to try and recuperate some of my money so that I can buy some arrow shafts that will work for me. So if you have a draw length of 29 inches or more and shooting 35 pounds or more, these are not going to work for you. The shafts right now are 30 1/2 inches long. I would like to get $100.00 for them and the reason I am asking $115.00 is so that if someone buys them, they will have to pay the shipping, but whatever the actually cost of the shipping is, I will return the rest of the extra $15.00 back to the buyer.

Make: Easton
Price: $100.00
Category: Other Hunting Gear
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Jim - email at [email protected]
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Seller's State: Oregon
Submitted: 17-Mar-20


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