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Hoyt Nitrum 34

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2015 Hoyt Nitrum 34 XTS, 60-70#, currently set to 28” draw at 70#, • CBE Tek Hybird bowsight, single pin (.10 diameter) slides from 20 to 100 yards. • Hoyt Carbon Edge 8” stabilizer, Paradox Elite camouflage • QAD Ultra Rest HDX drop away arrow rest • Kwikee Kwik quick detach, 3 arrow bow quiver • Paradox Elite camouflage • Hoyt wrist sling • New string in the Spring of 2019, peep sight installed on string • 10 “broadhead tuned” Easton Superlite ACC 3-60, 340 arrows. These arrows were shot and selected based upon their accuracy & consistency in shooting broadheads (Slick Trick 100 grain standard) at 40 yards. • 20 practice Easton Superlite ACC 3-60, 340 arrows, with 100 grain field points. $600 for entire package. Local, cash or will ship, PayPal only. Louisville, CO 303-526-6900 Comments on bow and arrows: This bow is a rocket! At 70# it shoots arrows at 305 feet per second. The single pin sight works extremely well by setting at 25 yards, you are able to shoot holding center to 35 yards on elk sized targets. The bow was “walk back” tuned in Summer of 2019 and shoots broadheads and filed points interchangeably to 75 yards (or as well as I can shoot at 75 yards!). The bow is in very good condition with normal wear around the handle from shooting/carrying. Only reason for selling is that I bought a new Hoyt bow package thinking that it would be a great improvement over the Nitrum…it’s not.

Make: Hoyt
Price: $600.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: GOOD
Bow Weight 70 lbs
Draw Length 28"
Contact Seller: Hank_S - email at
OR Send Seller a Private Message Hank_S
Seller's State: Colorado
Submitted: 02-May-20


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