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Due to health issues, I'm retiring from hunting and have a number of items I'm posting. The items are related to Big Game, centered around Alaska, but also be used in the Western States for Elk, Deer, and Bear. First up are two Unused Rafts. (I was going to Alaska this year, but all the Outfitters cancelled hunts due to COVID-19. The first is the Kork, It includes the Paddles, Floor insert, repair kit and pump. New, this now retails for $2050.00, plus $130.00 shipping. My price is 1750.00 plus 100.00 shipping. Next up is The Cub, exact same dimensions as the PR-49. This was obtained in Canada through a dealer, includes Paddles, Floor Insert, repair kit and pump. The PR-49 retails for $1850.00 plus $100.00 shipping. My price for The Cub is $1250.00 plus $100.00 shipping. See pic. If you want both, $3,000.00 plus 100.00 shipping. Paypal Family to Friend (F to F). I pumped these guys up, no leaks, but there is no warranty or returns. These are made for Alaska and are very durable. The Kork has it's own dedicated Duffle, and Cub will be shipped in a Black Duffle. Shipping is via Alaska Airlines Cargo. I'm a known Shipper, so you designate your airport where Alaska Airlines Cargo flies. These are in high demand, don't wait. They last years.

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