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Site Not Secure, Heres How a scammer can scam you

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This site is not secure. Anyone can post as any user, and accomplishing this is quite trivial. The same technique can also be used to read and reply private messages as another user. So lets say a scammer wanted to scam someone. They could easily exploit this site to allow them to post an ad, reply to private messages all as a trusted user. The information provided below is done so only to educate the users of this site of the dangers in using this site and its classifieds. None of what you are about to see, is hacking, its poor site design. First you need to make an account. This puts a cookie on your computer. Next you need to find the id number of the user who you want to post as. This is the bcird and can be found by clicking on anyones username. Look in the url and you will see something similar to the following. Copy that bcrid number now click on my private messages. Your address bar will now look like this. replace your bcrid, represented by 999999 with any other bcrid you would like and hit enter. You can now send a message as that user. It works the same for posting under someone elses name. You need to edit the cookie on your machine to match any other users BCRID. So to do this in microsoft edge OR chrome you right click on the webpage and click on inspect. This will open up the developers tools. Then click on the two chevrons >> at the top of that window and select Application. Look in that list for BCRID and change it to whichever users you would like. Also change BSUSERNAME to match the BCRID you are using. For example to take over this account you would enter 500755 in the BCRID field and Security%20Warning in the BSUSERNAME field I hope this information highlights the glaring security problems in this site and makes you think twice before trusting even long term posters with your money.

Make: Security Warning
Price: $678.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 55 lbs
Draw Length 55"
Contact Seller: Security Warning - email at [email protected]
OR Send Seller a Private Message Security Warning
Seller's State: Alaska
Submitted: 27-Apr-21


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