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Mathews V3 27" ATA

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This is last years V3. I am selling the items listed below for 20% off of the price I paid for them. Purchase price: - Bow: $1,199 - Stabilizer: $149 - Quiver: $189 - Rest: $140 ---------------------------- $1,677 - 20% = $1,342 I intend to keep the sight but will sell the sight with the bow at full price. $505. So $1,342 for the bow, stabilizer, quiver and rest. Or $1,847 for the whole bow as is. I love this bow but am selling it to try a longer axle to axle version of the same bow. I might go back to the 27" bow as it is compact and great to carry. The bow is currently setup as a 29.5" draw length. This can be changed with the inserts on the cams.

Make: Mathews
Price: $1,342.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 70 lbs
Draw Length 29"
Contact Seller: HighDesert - email at [email protected]
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Seller's State: Oregon
Submitted: 26-Apr-22


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