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In my quest to become efficient over the years I have accumulated a substantial quantity of new, like new, and used archery and hunting equipment. All compounds, I think about 7 now, are right handed, 28" draw, at 60-70lbs, fully setup and in plastic boxes. Most compound bows were used for 1 season only. I also have a number of climbing stands (NIB), hang-on stands, climbing sticks and hunting saddles. Included are 2 Excalibur crossbows available. I also have available many longbow and recurve traditional bows (right handed 45 to 55 lbs draw weight at 28". Few hunting cameras are also available. There are to many items to list here. Just contact me directly and I will let you know if I have what you are looking for. I will reasonably be pricing everything and I am willing to negotiate but please do not expect gifts or freebies. Once we start communication and identify an object you are interested in I can email or text pictures. I will not ship. This is for local pickup only. Thank you.

Make: vrious
Price: $10,000.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: SixLomaz - email at [email protected]
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Seller's State: Connecticut
Submitted: 05-Jul-22


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