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Black Widow PMA

Detailed Description and Photos:

I have a 62" Black Widow PMA in Graybark I'd like to rehome. The bow began it's life as a 65# bow. I sent it back to Black Widow last summer, 2022, and had it reduced to 54# @ 28" and completely refinished. It is right handed, standard grip, tillered 3-under. I carried it on a 10 day moose hunt in AK last Sept and that is the only field use it has seen. I really wanted to trade it for a Toelke Whip but have been unsuccessful in finding one. That said I'm going to throw it up here and see what other trade offers I get. I believe the bow to be worth around $850 so what do you have of similar value to trade?

Make: Black Widow
Price: $850.00
Category: Compound Bows
Condition: EXCELLENT
Bow Weight 54 lbs
Draw Length 28"
Contact Seller: McCree - email at [email protected]
OR Send Seller a Private Message McCree
Seller's State: Indiana
Submitted: 03-Jan-23


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