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JHA - Driving to Caniapiscau/Lac Pau
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From: Aubs8
Hi folks. For those who are considering driving-up to JHA, below is some helpful information which may help in your travels.

This link is a tremendous resource:

We crossed at the Ogdensburg(NY)-Prescott International Bridge. From this point to Matagami, QC is 473 miles and took us approximately 9 hours. Get Gas in Matagami.

From the booth at the beginning of the James Bay Road to Lac Pau, it took us 15.5 hours. Bring extra fuel with you.

James Bay Road (Matagami to Trans Taiga-544 KM/340 miles)Took us 4.5 hours. Must stop at 381KM (Relais Routier) for gas. Food is expensive...bring your own. This road is paved but very, very bumpy at the seams...the signs for the bumps are there for a reason and could end your trip in a hurry. Take your time.

From the beginning of Trans Taiga Road to Mirage at 358KM is 224 miles. It took just over 4 hours in good conditions. This road is in great condition for a gravel road. Hope for rain as it keeps the dust down and significantly improved our time on the way out. Make sure you pull way over to the right for oncoming vehicles, especially the big trucks. If you are thinking of camping, 203KM is a great place. You will need to get gas here.

From Mirage to Brisay is 224KM/140 miles and took 2hrs 45 min.

From Brisay to Lac Pau takes 1.5 hours. This road is rougher but not as bad as I anticipated.

If you are looking for adventure and/or looking to save some money, this is an acceptable option. If you are paying for more than 1, it makes the ride more palatable and makes more sense. One nice thing is you will most likely arrive a day or two earlier than other groups which allows you to avoid the rush of 30+ hunters coming off the plane together and all that ensues. You will also most likely be the first group out on the float plane at the earliest possible time the weather breaks going to the best camp before the turnover.

The drive was ok, and I will most likely do it again when my youngest daughter is able to go.

Take care. Mike

From: Aubs8
Oops...Correction...the James Bay Road took a total of 6.5 hours...4.5 hours from the booth to 381km and 2 hours from 381km to the Trans Taiga.

From: Tatonka
A bit off the subject, but crossing at Ogdensburg brings back memories. In 1974 I headed to Montana from Vermont on a hunting trip...crossed into Canada at Ogdensburg. I had no clue that you couldn't bring a handgun into Canada...stopped at customs to register my firearms and when I pulled out my revolver they kind of flipped out. Told me I could not bring a handgun into Canada and furthermore, I had to have a special permit to have one in New York State. So, I drive back to Ogdensburg to the police station and tell them my story. They could have thrown me in jail, but were very understanding and let me leave the revolver there and I picked up up about a month later on my way back through. I often wonder what would the outcome would be if I'd done that today.....

From: cityhunter
tim u would be typing from singsing ! Abus thanks u going back .

From: Aubs8
Hi Louis. I hope to go back in 3-4 years with my youngest daughter who is currently 9. If so, we will most likely drive and do it the same way.

On the way up, we left the border at 5:15pm, drove through the night and arrived at the 203 km Campsite on the Trans Taiga at about 1pm. On the road at 6:30am the next morning and arrived at base camp at 1:30pm.

On the way back, we left around 1:15pm and drove straight through.


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