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Polarized Glasses
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From: Maze
Is there a difference between the Cheap $10 pair of glasses you would get from Wal-Mart, and the more expensive ones you would order from Cabela's?

From: Kawabunga
As long as they're polarized they should work great for fishing, the only difference I think would be frame and lens quality. The cheapos will probably get scratched up fast, and I think clarity would not be as good as top of the line glasses but they would still cut the glare.

Hope this helps.

From: cerec_cat
I like the polarchromatic lenses that Smith offers.

From: mizzoukispot
I have always spent the extra money on good glasses, more for protection, than for clarity. I am 40 years old, have 20-12 rt eye and 20-15 left eye vision. I spend alot of time on the water here in florida. Its worth the money. You would not catch me wearing 10 polarized sunglasses. For me, it is Revo or Maui Jim.

From: Rob Nye
I spend 50-55 straight days on the water each summer as an arctic fishing guide and always use good quality, expensive sunglasses, Costa del Mar or Serengeti. The better quality glasses last longer, provide a clearer view and you're a lot less likely to lose or sit on them!

From: medicinemann
Ask Genesis.....he's an eye doctor.

I have the issue with not having a dominant eye, consiquently my eye will fight for dominanc if there is any disparity in the lenses. I personally can't wear the "cheap" glasses. some of the issue with my eyes were caused by wearing cheap safety glasses for years. You will find tha the higher priced glasses generally have better quality lenses. There is less variation in the surfaces. There truly is a diffeence because cheap glasses will give me a headache and eye strain. The better glasses don't have the same effect. Spend the money and get a decent pair. Just because they are expensive does not mean they are leaps and bounds better. I personally can't see spending $300 for a pair of Oakleys. I've used Costa Del Mars for years an dfounds them to be a good quality pair at a reasonalbe price. just my $.02


From: Genesis
As long as the polarized lenses have UV protection your good.

Alot of sports glasses are made from polycarbonate material that may not have a UV sticker on them but still filter UV light.

Just stay away from any sunlens that is dark and doesn't provide UV protection.

My theory is is go cheap or go expensive.

The most versatile and best made sunglasses IMO are from an Italian company "Rudy Project" $100 and up

It's a known fact Euro Frames are like Euro optics lead in workmanship.

From: medicinemann

See what I mean?

There is no comparison.

Look at Costa Del Mar frames or Action Optics by Google search rather than cabela's brand junk. Select the same frames you would choose for sight-casting, leaning toward amber or vermillion lenses and staying away from grey. When I am not hunting, I spend the vast majority of my time on a poling skiff chasing fish along the gulf coast and in Central America. I may spend less on fly line or a reel but I would NEVER skimp on glass.

Lense color to water color is equally important. I don't use the same color lenses out in the gulf as I do in a bay or in fresh water...

From: Opossum17
costa del mar makes great glasses and hold up really well

From: fishski1
I am a fly fishing guide in MT, I spend probably 150 - 200 days a year in the sun, on the water. There is a HUGE difference in the cheapos, compared to the good ones. Here are my opinions of the good ones.

Smith Action Optics - The best! But, they have a curve in the lens that gives some ppl a vertigo sensation, but as far as I am concerned all around best.

REVO - The most 'optically pure' that I have found, but the Revo doesnt let enough light through on really dark days. Just my opinion though.

CostaDelMar - Close second to the revo for optical clarity, but they too, dont let enough light through for me on the dark days.

Maui Jims. - Love mine, in the rose color lens, But I get more distortions with them than I do the Action Optics.

One thing that I have found, Is when you find a glass that suits you, your headaches will go away, and your eyes wont hurt as much after being in the sun 10 straight days in super sunny weather.

As far as the rest, I dont know much about them. but I have a lot of experience with these 4. If you are buying a non polarized lens,, I like REVO all the way.


From: Genesis
Jake,they can tell you how to run a pharmacy around here too!:)

Lens design,manu tolerances,lens material all contribute to visual comfort.

Lens design,color and clarity is so subjective that no one individual can give you a correct answer.The subjectiveness of these issues can only be addressed by you.

Here are some objective data

Polycarbonate is an excellent high impact material,doesn't shatter,very light,inherently filters UV light.However, in wrap around designs they can give your barrell distortion and aberration that trigger vertigo.

Frame quality,durability.Lots of hyped up companies from internal marketing will have China made frames and poor quality.As I stated earlier,frame quality usually starts in Europe.

Polarized is unmatched on open water but for other uses you may prefer non polarized.

One caveat about polarized lenses is they filter light reflected off a horizontal surface.Great for water,poor for vertical surfaces like trees where a conventional non polarized lens would be better.

Hope this helps ya

Simple answer:

Yes there is. Get a good pair, you won't regret it.

From: primalangler
I'm looking for a pair of glasses to help me see better while bowfishing at night with lights. I've tried the lightest tinted 100% polarized glasses I can find but there to dark and don't seem to help. Called some companies to try to find nontinted polarized glasses but was told they can not make them without tint. Any suggestions?

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