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Is "Open Season" an "anti"-movie?
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Banshee 05-Dec-06
city hunter 05-Dec-06
wapiti792 05-Dec-06
bullfrog 05-Dec-06
itshot 05-Dec-06
G2 05-Dec-06
Bou'bound 05-Dec-06
Timbow 05-Dec-06
JTV 06-Dec-06
grapp 06-Dec-06
Ki-Ke 06-Dec-06
SleepsOnStand 06-Dec-06
Meathunter13 06-Dec-06
MRH 06-Dec-06
Goatman 06-Dec-06
DoubleH 06-Dec-06
black tail 06-Dec-06
dennisomfs 07-Dec-06
JTV 07-Dec-06
FlatbowMB 07-Dec-06
Pat Jr. 07-Dec-06
M.P. 07-Dec-06
foot_chase 07-Dec-06
From: Banshee
My 11 years old's class is going to see "Open Season" as a class field trip. The ads I have seen for it seem to put hunters in a bad light, so we passed on it. Is this movie "anti", or is it just clean fun? Anyboby seen it?


From: city hunter
I thought the same thing

From: wapiti792
Looks that way to me as well. My kids aren't seeing it. I'm still trying to get my son over the fact that "hunters" killed bambi's mom. He now knows that "poachers" did the dirty deed. He helped me skin a deer tonight (he's 4) so I guess everything is cool!

From: bullfrog
Yes, Its totaly anti. Seen it hated it. My kids 9yrs and 6yrs even noticed how against hunters it was. So you guys have to convince your wives not to buy it. bullfrog

From: itshot

I asked the same thing when I saw the commercial back in September

From: G2
never even heard of it is it a cartoon for kids or what?

From: Bou'bound
it is 1000% anti and very openly a hunter hater movie.

From: Timbow
What company produced it so I can boycott them?

From: JTV
Yes it is!!! ...Hey Timbow, do what I do...just boycott Hollywierd. I refuse to give any of those clowns a penny...Rosie, Divito(the drunk), Alec Baldwin and Bros., Streisand, Ted Turner, Ditzi Chicks, Paltro, the list goes on...screw 'em all....Jeff

From: grapp
JTV, Amen. Would you want your daughters to turn out like Brat Britney or Airhead Paris? I know I don't. Turn off, or throw out, the idiot tube and open a book. Greg

From: Ki-Ke
I saw Bambi as a kid. I now think that it may be the 1st full length feature on the value of QDM, disguised as a kids movie! Look how Bambi's rack progresses over the years. And the "king of the forest"? He's got to be 5 - 7 1/2 yrs. old when he goes down. B & C 4 x 4 for sure, although he had some junk that might have kept him from netting typical, but not enough to go N. T. Just goes to show you what taking the does and letting the little ones walk can do for the herd!

I'm taking the kids to see Open Season this weekend. I'm sure theres a pro hunting message in there somewhere. Just have to think outside the Hollywood box!



Steve, took the grandson to see the movie and at 3 years old the anti hunting propaganda is the furtherest thing from his mind. He just wants to laugh and play and thats ok with me. Is the movie anti hunting? Definitely anti hunter in the same way that movies, sitcoms, and commercials make men and fathers look like bumbling idiots. I haven't stopped watching TV, Im just selective. As far as kids, lets not forget to let our kids be kids. If you guys kids are making comments about anti hunting, they are just repeating things they have heard. At much too early an age IMO. Let kids have fun and if you choose not to take them to see movies like this its your choice, but just remember to let kids be kids. Plenty of time for serious things later.

From: Meathunter13
Id bet the teacher is an anti as well or whoever put together the class trip. Id suggest that the school leaves out the politics on personal views of the teacher.

From: MRH
well said SleepsOnStand. I let the wife take the boys (5 and 11) to see it. I realize what it is but they dont understand anti-hunting propaganda at their ages. If I do my job right as a hunting father, by the time they are old enough to understand(anti-hunter) their paths as hunters or atleast supporters of hunting will already be well laid out.

From: Goatman
Ya I think thats true

From: DoubleH
I took my 3 and 6 year old boys. The main guy is more of a crazed lunatic than a "hunter" and my boys still wanted to go hunting afterwards. There's certainly an anti-hunting message on some level. However, your kids are going to be bombarded with those and need to be able to separate fact from fiction.

(I will say that the movie wasn't all that good and I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.)

From: black tail
Yes it is Anti, It is not very good or funny according to the three critics I took to see it. The "hunter" is actually a poacher who tries to run a deer named Elliot down with his truck before the season opens. The bigger message if any in the movie is that a bear should not be raised in captivity.

From: dennisomfs
......and another movie out that hasn't recieved much attention is "Babel" with Brad Pitt..totally anti-gun in a big way as everything bad that happens is related too a gun or guns...very subtle in its' presntation...

From: JTV
Why even give any $ to these clowns. I refuse to give my hard earned $$ to someone who would rather see me give up my 2nd amendment rights or who wants hunting and trapping outlawed. Most of these elitists are liberals who are public enemy #1 to me. I say they all burn in hell!! BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!!...Jeff

From: FlatbowMB

From: Pat Jr.
Ya i agree

From: M.P.
I think disney needs to make a movie about animals fighting a group who wants to destroy forests and drain wetlands to put in a big amusement park.

From: foot_chase
did MP just wack Mickey in the head...lmao

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