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Help ! - I've fallen and I can't get Up
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From: Florida Mike
Thanks Pat, very nice effort. I only see one issue that you might need to address and that is I have never even seen the suspension straps that your guy was using to take the pressure off his legs. You might want to show an example of him not using the suspension leg straps so the old timers (like me) that do not have those suspension leg straps can relate too. Also, show one where the foot rest falls down the tree and he has to climb down the tree with the seat rest to get it, that's one that has happened to several guys I know. Mike

I've never seen the suspension straps either...are they standard with the "SOP" that you were using? Also would like to see the scenario that Mike suggested. Also if you have your climber platform attached to the seat part with a rope, what happens if you can't lower the platform far enough because the rope is too short? I guess in that case everyone should always carry a few folding tree steps regardless if they are using a climber or fixed stand. Good feature! I was actually thinking about this as I sat in my stand this past weekend. I may simulate a fall in the backyard and see how I recover. Probably something very worth while to practice a few times! Thanks Pat!

From: gcoleman
the new ascent harness from Mountaineer sports seems to be the answer to getting down safe if it works like it says it does,,maybe the price will come down soon $275 is hard to swallow but so is a large hospital bill or death,, a new strap I bought seems to be nice and has a seat in it to keep blood flowing to heart, its made by the treesaddle folks called body armour,, a bit heavy but very comfortable to hunt out of... and due to flexability of all parts is said to reduce shock of running out of rope by like 50 %??

From: Mint
Great feature. I started using the HSS Lifelines on my some of my stands. I'm assuming that would put you right at your steps since that is where it is secured.

From: smokey
Great article. I am now using a lifeline on all stands and setting the SRS soon.

One problem here though. Cell phones do not work in most of my area.

From: JJJ
Are the Lifelines the prussik hitch ropes?

From: Bowfreak
I have an original SOP harness that I have retired simply for stand hanging. I only use it lineman's style and it works great for that. Currently I am using a Loggy Transformer when hunting but I will be honest, I am not sure it would be very comfortable if you fall. Plus it doesn't have the suspension relief so I think I will junk it and get something more up to date. I am going to go with a SOP fastback or possibly a Muddy. Anyone familiar with the Muddy?

Honestly I think about this all the time.....I can't believe I actually used to hunt without one! I won't even consider getting into a tree without a harness.

From: smokey
The lifeline I use is a thirty foot rope tied above the stand and extends to the ground so I am tied in with my harness, 'biner to the prusic hitch all the way up and down.

From: Fisher
I bought the mountaineer sports cds system. it is heavy and expensive, but worth it to me. they just reduced the price by $50.

also check out the Ameristep Extraction system. it works great with a harness of your choice.

last year a weld broke on my stand and it dumped me out. the SOP worked great. the fall happened so fast that there was no time to think. just suddenly hanging from harness in a seated position. no pain on the boys at all - see old test on other brand.

wear a good harness, use an extraction system, and stay well.

thanks to Pat for this excellent feature!

From: Jamie Printz
Pat: Sent you a PM

From: ironarcher
what about getting up from a fall in a ladder stand, let's see that, alot of guys use ladders! Thanks

From: macohio
july 17th 2006 my fall from 26ft changed my life for ever ,, my belt harness broke at the buckle,,,my back was broke in three places .,,,icrawled out to my landcruiser,,,,longest 1hr of my life ;;also the longest1yr off work,,god is good.............mark

From: Skip
Fisher- what kind stand broke under you?

Pat, or somebody- can you post a pic of the suspension relief system?

From: fairchase
I have hunted from treestands for over 50 years, last year was the first year I used a safety system (Harness.)Yes, I have fallen and have been banged up a bit but was lucky and walked away,twice. I spent some time looking at safety systems and ended up with a Muddy and I love it.I would rather leave my boots at home then my Muddy safety harness. Good luck and stay safe in the outdoors.

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