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Speed Laces Can Kill You
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JD 29-Dec-11
From: Busta'Ribs

Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo
Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo
So I'm out for my hike this morning with a 45 lb pack, my Hanwag Alaska GTX Boots and my Kahtoola Micro-Spikes (pictured above).

I'm coming down a steep rocky grade and suddenly both of my feet are somehow shackled together, resulting in a major wipe-out that somehow, miraculously resulted in no damage to my pathetic body.

As I lay in the rock-slide assessing if I'd broken anything I realized that my feet were inexplicably connected at the ankles.

One of the links on my spikes had caught a speed lace hook on the opposite foot and hooked my boots together.

Luckily, it was nothing more than a scare today but I've been thinking about the precarious high mountain places I've used this equipment in and had this happened in the wrong place the consequences could be deadly.

I realize there are not that many guys out there using the Microspikes but this could also happen with a boot lace loop with the same results.

Been there done that and pretty well wiped myself out on the landing coming in from the garage one night. Very helpless feeling as you're falling with a box in your hands. Loop from one boot caught the open speedlace on the other and DOWN you go. I did manage to stumble a little before the faceplant.

From: Jack Harris
for some reason i find my kitchen's center island cabinet knobs more lethal. Can't count the times it's caught a pocket while walking by, once threw my back out pretty bad...

From: TD
I'll remember to check the next pile of bones I find at the bottom of some chute to see if his feet are hooked together..... =D

Actually good advice, Thanks. Sometimes it's the little things you never thought about that jump up and bite you right in the but-tocks....

From: guidermd
good grief, i thought this stuff only happened to me!! glad you were ok.

From: elmer@laptop
Heck, I don't need either speed laces or micro spikes to make me fall like that....Glad you are ok!

From: Wolfkiss
Know the feeling, sat overlooking a stormy sea one time, on the edge of a cliff. Got up to go and pole axed, lucky for me to the side. Lace loop in opposite hook. Always flatten them with a hammer now and make sure lace loops are small.

Glad you are Ok.

From: Knife2sharp
In response to Jack Harris' post, I can't count the number of times I've caught a Carhart hammer loop on drawyer pull.

From: Busta'Ribs
Glad to hear I'm not the only klutz out there.

I actually have opened the hooks up with a screwdriver on some boots to make it easier to lace them, especially in a dark tent.

I'll make sure the inside hooks are crimped to a minimum from now on.

On most of my mountain hunts I'm wearing gaiters which cover the hooks so I guess it's really not an issue unless I'm on my workout hikes and not wearing the gaiters.

I have that T-Shirt as well.

From: beck26
i've done trhat with just regular work boots lol. i stood talking with my ankles crossed leaning on the wall. went to walk away. well my shoe string cought a speed lace hook and down i went haha. could be bad but it wasn't.

From: Ki-Ke

Why are you hiking with chains?

From: elkmtngear
If I ever have to wear those....I will remember this post!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: bill brown
I actually trim my boot laces to shorten the loops so I don't catch them. Took me about three falls to get smart enough to do something about it.

From: miller1
that is so funny, one night a took off running thru the yard to put wood in the outdoor furnace and found myself face first in the snow, made me pretty mad at the time but now it quite funny that i see others have done it to.

From: ironhunter
I cut the hammer loop off of most of my pants ! Snagged on things too often and could be dangerous, particularily around farm machinery. I also am extremly cautious about lace up shoes while riding motorcycle. Laces snag on the pegs and can prevent you from puting a foot down on the ground when slowing to a stop

From: Busta'Ribs
Ki-Ke, it's been so wet this year that I just throw them on automatically so I don't slip all over the muddy hill that I hike. Now that it's getting cold it's starting to tighten things up a bit.

From: pjcdad
I had the lace of one boot catch on the speed lace of the other while driving and trying to hit the brakes. Luckily, I was able to get stopped without any problems but it was a frightening feeling trying to move my foot to the brake and not knowing why it was stuck.

From: Monmouth533
had the lace of one boot catch on the speed lace of the other while driving and trying to hit the brakes

Been there before with my waders around my ankle driving from one trout hole to the next. Wading shoes locked together. Scariest 20 seconds of my life never again...

From: Phydous

Do you have any hunts pending that you'll post here on bowsite like your caribou, mt. lion, or sheep? Those always are so good.

Here's hoping...

From: Inshart
Same thing, only I almost fell out of my tree stand when my boots hooked together. Was just stepping off to climb down, so had no safety harness on - could have been deadly.

Microspikes are awesome on ice!


From: fishmagician
Would a pair of short gators keep things out of the way off the spikes and chains....just a thought

From: Brotsky
Tuck your loops into the top of your boots.

From: Tajue17
this is a true story; I was walking in a department store and just tripped and fell flat on my gut and face right in the middle of the aisle and let out this loud whoosh,,,, but the loop where I tied my bootlaces on one boot caught the speed hook on the other boot while I was headed for the 20 items or less register and locked my feet up. people came hurrying over over asking if I'm all right and what happened and I said I think my dead mother in law just tripped me!!! then a women then tells me I have a fishing hook stuck in the back of my pants I was like thats all I wanted was some oil for my lawn mower!!!!!

From: JD
"I said I think my dead mother in law just tripped me!!!" Now THAT is funny!!!

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