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Lightest Hang on Stand??
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Ryan Miller 03-Aug-06
Brotsky 03-Aug-06
Termin8r 03-Aug-06
Milo 03-Aug-06
Coop 03-Aug-06
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KYhunter 03-Aug-06
pick it & stick it 04-Aug-06
Sully 04-Aug-06
Deacon Dave 04-Aug-06
Wary Buck 05-Aug-06
Milo 05-Aug-06
bb 05-Aug-06
outdoorsaddict 05-Aug-06
Deacon Dave 05-Aug-06
CurveBow 07-Aug-06
TODD 07-Aug-06
VASCAR 08-Aug-06
From: Ryan Miller
I am looking for a light hang on stand. It will be used here in Colorado for elk so it will be carried 2-3 miles in rough terrain. So weight is the most important thing.

I have an older Warren & Sweats that weighs in around 8 lbs but wanted another stand.


From: Brotsky
Lone wolf makes the lightest I can think of. Their hang on weighs in at 8.5 lbs so it's still about the same as what you have.

From: Termin8r
Trophyline Ambush Saddle. Hands down the lightest, able to roll up and place in backpack and QUIET.

From: Milo
I have an old API that is extremely light. I don't even know if they make them anymore but it seems like it weighs nothin'.

From: Coop
If weight is your main purpose do a goggle on Loc On tree stands. Someone is back to making them. Aswesome stand actually. Windtalker, I think is the model your looking for.

Loggy Bayou used to make a Hang on Lite.Unbelievably light.

From: KYhunter
I have a couple of Warren& Sweats that weigh a little over 6 lbs.

http://www.locontreestandsllc.com/windwalker.php here is what coop was talking about. willie

From: Sully
The Loc On "LIMIT" and Loggy Bayou " Cheap seat " are both about 4 lbs. I have both

From: Deacon Dave
I have an old loc-on spirit that is extremely light, but the seat is the most uncomfortable of any stand I have ever tried. DD

From: Wary Buck
Loc-On Windwalker is what you want for this. Very light, very packable, and very easy to set up in a tree. Not the most comfortable stand in the world, but you have to give up something. I think they're about 5 lbs. but could be wrong. I've got an old one that I keep in the truck ready at a moment's notice. And I've done several all-dayers in it when required.

From: Milo

That's it. The API 100. Do you know how much they weigh? I went to a local sporting goods store here and the guy I talked with said he couldn't get them anymore.

From: bb
Loc On Windwalker, I use it for exactly the same thing you are looking to do, it is very light and small. I can fit it in my backpack and is easy to walk several miles with in elk country.

I heard they are making them again

Deacon Dave, Loc-On has a new "super seat" that replaces the old cloth seat. It bolts right where the old seat frame was. I have one ordered for my "Super Spirit"- I went to Home Depot and bought some foam pipe insulation and cut a piece to fit around my old seat where it folds. This has helped some.

From: Deacon Dave
outdoorsaddict, Thanks for the tip. I don't know the wt. on my loc-on but it is light enough that my wife packed it in with me two miles in Mt. to find that the waterhole was dry. I want give her age, but she is almost as old as I am and my next birthday I will be 60. The hunt was two years ago. She packed it out without complaining. She was as disappointed as I was about the waterhole being dry. There were elk tracks all around, but it was so dry they could have been months old. If only had it had water. Shoot sharp - shoot straight! DD

From: CurveBow
Search ebay for a Loggy Bayou Cheap Seat. About 6 pounds. I have one stached in Colorado in the high country and it works well. Not the most comfortable stand, but who cares, its light!

The Windwalker was also very light, perhaps 5 pounds if you can find one.


From: TODD
Lone Wolf Alpha Assault. 8.5 lbs., rated to 350, and TMA certified, which many of the listed stands above are not and are no-longer on the market for a reason.

Some stand manufactures will brag about how light there stands are but you need to compare platform sizes. Lone Wolf is "top dog" when it comes to a lite stand with a decent sized platform. And NO I don't own one. I've looked at them but I can't justify spending that much for one unit.

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