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Erin's Trophy Buck - Wow!!
Whitetail Deer
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From: MF
Wow! Awesome is right. Beautiful!!

From: Nock
Great job and well written story. I think you are ready to head out west and try for an elk!

From: Long Walker
Congratulations!! Great deer with a very good story, your Dad is a lucky guy (and a great mentor).

From: Bowme2
Awesome Erin!!! Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL buck!! Probably still walking on the clouds ehh?? Dad, you've done well. ;-)


From: TD
That is a great story and a great buck. Congrats!

From: Genesis
Who is Hanna Montana??

Go Erin!

From: leftybearfan
Great story and congrats!!!

Glad you told us what that lump on his face was, I killed a doe a few years ago with the same affliction. I always wondered what caused it.

From: Bou'bound
Wonderful story and deer. Keep up the great work on both those endeavors.

From: HunterJoe
As a father of a teenage daughter that is a hunter I know how much crap you take over hunting in general, let alone being a girl that hunts. Keep up the good work in college and make sure you take a few days to sneek home and go hunting with dear old dad. He sure will miss you!!

By the way great buck, great hunt, great photos.


From: Black Wolf
Awesome story and a huge Congrats to a very special gal!

From: Diamond Dave
What a great buck and a great story. I will share this with my daughters. Congratulations!

From: BigWoods
Wow!!! What a great buck! Congratulations Erin.

Avery well written article and a great accomplishment. I love to see young people both women and men getting involved in a wonderful sport. thanks for the story and congradulations!!!

From: WhiteWulff
Great job, Erin. Like my friend says, Shoot like a girl, if you can!


I'm not sure what is more impressive, that huge buck or the six turkeys with a bow!


Congrats Erin....Welcome to a HERITAGE and the TRADITION of Bow Hunting! It is not a sport! It is something serious and rewarding and adictive. Welcome to "Our World"!

You are doing women & kids in the outdoors proud! You can and will be a mentor for many thru time. Share it with others and enjoy each moment in the hunt.

Your father is a true treasure...appreciate him and keep some time with him a special time between daughter and father. Best of luck in your future and whatever roads you travel....do it Your Way!

From: Diamond Dave
This is Katie (Daddy/Dave's 11 year old daughter.) Wow that is a HUGE buck and one amazing story!! I hope one day I can be as great a hunter as you!!! :)

From: commander
Way to go!!!! A great story and a fantastic deer for a great girl!!!! Your smile in the photo tells the story.

From: chip
Not to shabby young lady. Congrats!!!

From: MRmich
Way to go Erin from us Michigan hunters! We're jealous but proud of you. MRmich

From: pipe
Congrats!! I admire your discipline during your hunt. Terrific trophy. Congrats to your dad

From: Mathews Man
Awesome trophy, congratulations! I bet your dad is exstatic about you being a bowhunter and enoying the outdoors with him.

Nice Job!

From: Hollywood
Congratulations Erin, tremendous deer.

Keep huntin', Don.

From: Sixby
The smile says it all, Congratulations. Instead of shoes, it will be new bows hidden under the bed LOL. Just an awsome young lady and what a deer. I bet dad's proud.

From: LDC
Way to go Erin !!!!!!!


What state was it killed in?

From: Kiteman
Amazing young lady

Amazing buck

Amazing story

CONGRATS on the deer, and for 'staying the course' by not succumbing to 'weird' peer pressure!

From: bullelk
Congratulations, Erin. You are an example for all of us, and you should be proud of your well deserved trophy. Thank you for helping to keep the heritage of big hunting alive.

From: Jelly Man
Way to go Erin! Put him on your wall and, eat good.

From: CTBowMan
Awesome Story, and Deer! Congrats Erin! -- Van

From: Orvis
Congrats on an awesome buck!

From: travis@work
For once in my life I`ll admit it.....I`m jealous...he he he...seriously--congrats on the buck of a lifetime and the great memories with your Pop`s...Pop`s kudos to you on raising such a fine young lady who enjoys the outdoors..

From: Jax07
greta buck congrats......

I do not see 30 points in reductions ...that is a beautiful rack ....

From: Horn Donkey
Wow! Not only did you kill a very, very fine buck...But you are now published before you have even finished High School!


From: BB
Way to go Erin! Congrats on a great buck. And that photo with you buck and your father is one of the best photos I have ever seen. You did a great job all the way around. Again congratulations.

I hope you have many more great bowhunts. BB

From: Bowgramps
Congrats. Spending time with my daughter in the woods is special to me just as I am sure it is for your father. Way to go!

From: Tombow
Wow! Go girl! Beautiful buck. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

From: Deerman1
You go GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin, Congratulations on harvesting a beautiful buck! Your Dad has to be so proud of you.

From: Davy C
Erin, That is a great buck and a nice story. I forwarded it on to my girlfriends daughter who is 15 and thinking about trying hunting.

From: jbamburg
Congrats Erin, great buck and a great article too!!

From: Bowfreak
Not only am I very proud of you. I am also jealous!!! LOL!!!! In all seriousness, congratulations on a great deer. A deer of a lifetime. Congratulations to dad for introducing another young lady to the sport and last but not least Erin, take it easy on the Turkeys. 6 Turkeys with a bow is fabulous.....you have done very well for yourself.

From: XMan

Thank you for writing this story, the timing was perfect for my 9 year old daughter who is at the age of understanding what it means to hunt. She was all smiles when she saw you and your deer and read the story.

Congratulations on a fantastic buck and great job to your Dad on sharing his passion for the outdoors.

Bob Crossman

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Great Job. If your dad wants to mentor someone else while your in college........I'm available. :) have bow will travel

From: RcheryChik
Erin, You are smart, beautiful and an archer. You, my dear, are the complete package! I know that your dad is your best hunting buddy, but if you want to see what two "archery-chickees" can do, look me up. Congratulations on a wonderful harvest. I know there will be many more to come. Merry Christmas to all the Fredericks.

Tami Pullins

From: JTV
Congrats Girl!!!!!!!!! Nice critter!!......Jeff

From: COBowHunter
Awesome buck and a great story. Thanks for sharing.

From: MoBowhunter
Great buck!! I've been bowhunting for 37+ years and am still dreaming of shooting one that nice. Congratulations.

From: wildwisc
That is one fantastic animal. I am very impressed with your skills as an archer and a writer. Congratulations! May you have many rewarding hunts in the future!

Erin,absolutly IMPRESSIV BUCK and STORY!!!! Well done younglady,well done. OLDMAN

From: FDHunter
Erin - Merry Christmas. What a beautiful buck. Great job.

From: Geneal

Congratulations. Your article was just great. We are so proud of you and all that you are accomplishing. I know you can do anything you want. I'm glad you've enjoyed hunting with your dad, it's made him so proud to have you enjoying it as much as he does. We love you bunches. Grandma & Papa

From: camoman73
Congratulations Erin ! Your story is very insightful , and you are quite the hunter. You and your father should both be proud.

From: Bowgirl
Hi all, I'm the "mom"/"wife"..you know, the one taking the picture. I have to give a hand to all you dad's who take the time to take your "little girls" hunting or fishing...or just walking in the woods spending time together. It is so critical. You'll never know the great influence you have on your daughter. No, I don't hunt. I'm just a college professor who spends way too much time on my laptop. But I know that my daughter is a different person when she returns from the woods as if that time helped her to gain perspective, renew her spirit and deal with the day to day presssures once again. That's a gift I don't know that I could have given her. I'm glad there are dad's out there to help them learn that valuable lesson.

From: joshuaf
Beautiful buck!

From: Badger
Congrats!! excellent story - keep up the good work.

From: Jimbo
What a deer! And what a hunter, too! Congratulations, Erin.

From: B4LITE
Congratulations, that is like an once in a life time buck here in GA. Great job!

From: B4LITE
Great buck, congratulations, he is a monster.

Great buck and the best then is your dad was there to enjoy it with you. Good luck with college next year. The studing will be hard but you are in for a lot of fun to.

From: Elk Hunter
Congrats! You are a bow hunting DIVA now! Go Girl!

From: Shick
Erin, congratulations on one fine animal........Shick

From: Trophy8
Congrats to the young lady...great shooting.

From: Kodi
Awesome!! Hope to someday see my girls shoot a nice deer as well. Great Job!!

What a great story and very nice buck, thank you for sharing.

From: Boots
Fabulous deer! Its going to be hard to beat that one!

Am taking my girl to hunter safety - will share the great story with her.


From: Matthews Man
Erin, You have accomplished what a lot of people dream about doing and you had your Dad there to share such a great experience. Keep shootin straight and remember this day when you are working hard at college and it may help you to make it through. I know you'll do well just by the way managed to shoot a trophy. It shows you have what it takes to get the job done. Congrats!

From: Butternut40

From: Shiras@home
To The Dad: Concratulations on a very special daughter that is able to think for herself and be independent enough to take the lead and do what she wants. Not giving into the peer pressure that can lead to so many bad things is something to she should be commended for. I am sure that you could not be more proud.

To Erin: Simply great!

From: thickshaft
You ROCK girl!!!

From: hawg
This is Dad! Yes I'm proud of her, but not just for taking a big buck. She has grown over the last few years as a person and a bowhunter, showing the discipline and patience that it takes to be successful. As most of you know, just keeping your composure when shooting at a deer like this can be tough. I had seen him several times and almost had a shot once. I told her he was big, but she had never seen him until the morning she shot him.

She has overcome physical ailments, that I won't get into now, that had us all wondering if she could live a normal life. We seem to be close to conquering those problems, and with the help of God, working with her horse and bowhunting, she has learned that patience and perseverence play a huge part in success.

I am most proud of her ability to not give into peer presure and to be her own person, standing proud to be a Christian putting God and His truth first in her decisions.

Thanks Pat for offering to publish this article, as it was a special moment between father & daughter.

And a special thanks to all who have posted such kind and encouraging words. May all your hunts be successful! Greg Frederick

congratulations Erin. I cant wait till my kids are old enough hunt.

Congratulations yound lady! You did well. Kudos to your Dad for providing the encouragement and support.

From: BowOnly4Me
Congratulations to Erin and her Trophy Whitetail!!

I can vividly remember my early hunts with my dad and think it is incredible to see the younger generation spending time outdoors. More often than not kids today are in front of the TV with XXXXX game playing videos.

Congrats again Erin on a awesome whitetail especially with a bow. There should be more parents introducing their children to the outdoors and hunting too.

Tony Glidewell

From: SteveOz
Cool, what a memory, Life's all about memories and this one should last forever.


From: ny griz
Congrats on a great buck,you go gril.Griz

Congrads and an awesome story too! Tell your dad I am proud of him also!


My hat goes off first & foremost to both mom & dad for their love of the outdoors and the sport of hunting and for not only passing that tradition along to their child but to openly post this accomplishment and not to show embarrassment for it. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an active hunting family and when my daughter showed interest at an early age to shoot and hunt I too tried my best to teach her to be safe, responsible and ethical. To date she's taken deer, turkey, black bear and caribou. I can definately say my best trips afield have been those with her by my side. Congratulations to you Erin, your family and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

From: Bowman_No4
Congrats Erin!!! Glad you got that monster. You gonna mount him complete with his "lumpy jaw"?

From: Danny
If more teenage girls(and boys)were climbing into tree stands at daylight instead of hanging out at the mall or with a gang this nation would be a far better place. Congratulations Erin.

From: INbowdude
She would have an "A" in any class I taught her at my high school. Congrats. You da woman! Hamicus

From: Bowgirl
I want to thank everyone for their kind complements on my article. It is a great encouragement to hear those things from other people than just my family or people in my community. I have seen a question of if I am mounting him with the lumpy jaw, and the answer is no. When we caped him out, we just removed the abcess/infection off the skin. It was just a gooey, sticky pudding-like mass with no smell to it (strangely enough). When we get him mounted, he's going on my bedroom wall with my others.

Again, thank you for your comments! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and good hunting!


From: stan420
That is a great article and a truely AWSOME deer! Much congrats to you, and as always, hunt hard....hunt safe!

From: Boone@work
Great story Erin, congrats and what a special bond that creates between daughter and dad, ya gotta love it! Meery christmas!!

From: bowguide
Erin congrats on a tremendous deer.Mom and Dad Kudos to you great job and great story

From: nshunter
Wow!! Erin you rule!!! That is an awesome trophy. Congrats.

Merry xmas

From: smokey
Outstanding. Good going Erin. Merry Christmas.

From: framer
Terrific, I hope that some day I will be able to spend time hunting with my kids as you spent time with your dad. Congratulations on a awesome bow kill buck

From: Lee

I'm sitting here with my 5 year old daughter and just read her your story. She asked me to tell you Congratuations! Hopefully, she will hunt with me one of these days. Congrats from me, too!

Lee and Ailey

From: BasinHunter
Wow is an understatement! A great Story and a Great Buck! Congrats to both Erin and her Dad!

From: RUPE
Again well done Erin.

Dad I bet you're proud!

From: BowhuntingCT
Woooo Hoooooo! Nice one!

From: Vadeerhunter
There is hope in the next generation as there always is, you just have to look for it sometimes!


From: gunslinger
great buck ,congats to you and dad.

From: Gator
How cool is that. Congratulations to you Erin. I'm sure your dad's hunting is so much more rewarding with you as his hunting partner.

From: Shawn
Very nice, what a X-Mas gift. Good story telling as well!! Congrats! Shawn

From: bowchild893
that is a beautiful deer, i havent even shot anything close to that nice

good job

From: HunterDan
Congratualtions Erin! Awesome buck and Great story! Merry Christmas! Dan of Team WhiteTail Solutions

From: jjm16
great deer....congrats

From: PeteO
Congrats Erin on an awesome buck and story. I have hunted over 25 years and have yet to even see a deer of that caliber in the woods. Nice job. Pete

Congrats on your deer....Best of luck in the future!!

Glenn Kentucky

Congratulations Erin! What a wonderful hunt and story you shared with us. You have accomplished something that very few bowhunters have, and at a much younger age! And that's not to mention cutting out that nasty abcess, even my husband doesn't like doing that :) Are you going into Pre-Vet when you go to college?

Congratulations again!

-Cheryl Napper

From: Mint
Congrats on a awesome deer!

You go girl! Congrat's that is one nice deer! Keep on hunting, I know what you mean about the girls not understanding. Too bad for them, you have something that no one can take away from you - the hunt!

From: bogun
Truely a buck of a life time and shared with your father. God is good life is good! Congrat's to the both of you. I know he is twice as proud. '

From: primitve
That buck is a pig! Having three teenage daughters, I can only imagine how proud your dad is of you and your deer. Keep hunting and stay away from the guys at college, they are all weasels....:)

From: bushbuster
good job i think the whole story is insparational

From: wacoyaco
Erin and Dad, This is a fathers dream come true and WOW!!Erin what an accomplishment.I'm the father of three daughters who has taken all of them hunting since they were around 3 years of age.I have one daughter left that has the patience and desire to hunt.Looking at those pictures and reading those previous messages has brought tears to my eyes. My last twin daughter and I bond on those days we spend in the woods like no other time.I see her soul lifted and our love for eachother strengthen.Thanks for sharing.God Bless your Family. This is what our sport is all about.

Mike Yacopino

Erin, don't feel down because your buck will only net in the 150s'. To any one who has ever hunted and shot a mature buck it isn't the final tally, but the all the inchs on the head. Great hunt and good going.

Ryan Yaskiw, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Man I feel like a homo...after reading Erins mom and dads post I started tearing up a little bit...I need to go eat some red meat and drink some beer before one of those giant Milwakee beer cans falls on my head. Great Job Erin!!! Your a very special girl.

From: Pepper
Most hunters go a hole lifetime trying to get a buck like that and never do good job.

From: Pepper
Most hunters go a hole lifetime trying to get a buck like that and never do good job.

From: DC
Wow!!! What more can I say. Congradulations.

From: dj
Congratulations on a great buck!! I have two daughters age 3 and 5. My five yr. old wants to hunt "chickens with a bow when she gets older"???? I don't want to tell her there's no chicken season. LOL I can't wait to take them on our first scouting mission..

From: rattlesnake
erin, what a wonderful story, and a great deer!! cherish dearly thoughs times shared with your dad afield,. this story brought a tear too my eye, for i lost my hunting partner[dad] in 2oo2,.. i got a great deer this year also, and the first thing i did was start talking too him as if he was there, and i believe he was!! have a great year at school!! i know you will do well, it looks as if you do alot of things well!! always give your dad a hug, [they like that]. and i look forward too more of your adventures in the future!!..in sportsmanship!!..jeff/snake ... [email protected]

Congrats! It is nice to see ladies in the field. I have been bowhunting for 25 years. It just gets better with age. What is age? lol just a number.....Which I will keep to myself.hehehe I still get excited when I see a deer no matter if its a doe or buck. I think I get more nervous with does. I shoot more of them.Keep up the good work. Ladybowhunter---->

From: Broadhead
ERIN Love your name, guess that's why I picked it for my oun daughter. Although she never got the "hunting bug" maybe one of the grandkids will. I'll have to wait a few years though since they can't hunt till 16 years of age here in New Brunswick [14 for small game].

Now down to business. WHAT A BEAUTY!! I can imagine how proud you are of that deer as any hunter would. But do you know what? I bet you your dad is ten times as proud of his litte girl [or boy for that matter] because that is a deer of a lifetime for most hunters of any age and to think you did it with a bow makes it amazing! CONGRATS ERIN...keep em straight/keep em in the 10

From: BWiz
Great Deer and a even better story. Good Job!!

From: Iowa bound
WOW!!! Great buck and good story too. Many congrats and good luck this year.

From: blindedpain

From: Bill in MI
Amazing! Congrat's

Bill in MI

Nice one Its good to see a young female that enjoys the things that most men enjoy.. I hope my daughter gets to be a huntetr that takes pride in what she has learned like you ..


notfastbutaccurate's Link
Erin! Wow! What an awesome buck! Congrats and good luck in college!

From: Drahthaar
erin, congratulations on a great deer and great story. your father has done well. I also have a little girl I am verry proud of who hunts. this past season she killed 5 deer a bear and a turkey. Forrest

From: thebowdoc
Great Job. Congrats

From: Tryin'
Dang. . . Three years worth of congrats. . . ;)

From: hawg

hawg's embedded Photo
hawg's embedded Photo
That's what I thought "Tryin'"

The rebirth of this thread has brought back good memories. Erin shot decent bucks in '08 & '09, but nothing that compares to that special November day in '07. (attached photo of '09 buck)

She is now married and living in Texas so her bowhunts with dad will be narrowed down to the week of Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas unless she finds a place down in Tx worthy of my non-res expense. If so, I'll travel down there so she can do a role-reversal and take me hunting.:)

Good luck to all in 2010....especially the youngsters....a "giant" buck can happen at any time. Remain positive and hunt hard, but most of all to the dads....enjoy your short time hunting with your kids. It will be over before you know it.

Erins Dad

From: Tryin'
Successful hunter AND married?! You done good, sir!

From: Jake14
I hope her husband is a hunter?

From: Jake14
I hope her husband is a hunter?

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