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illinois rut dates
Whitetail Deer
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Slim08 21-Apr-11
Elkhunter - Home 21-Apr-11
Charlie Rehor 21-Apr-11
Jon Simoneau 10-May-11
From: Slim08
I'm from Alabama and this will be my first year hunting out of state...Got drawn to hunt around Springfield, IL and was just curious around what time the bucks rut there.

I killed mine on Nov 12 and 13 in back to back years. Also from Bama. They were rutting hard each of those years at that time. The next two years during the same week sucked. Hot weather both years and it really cut down on the movement. Normally, the week before the first gun season is the best.

Killed one in Adams County and the other in Pike just north of Barry.

I am not sure I understand "got drawn"? The application period hasn't opened yet! That said go the second week if you can!

From: Jon Simoneau
Second and third weeks are best. Like was mentioned above, the week before gun season can really be hot. The last 2 years have been tough due to warm weather, and less deer, with less and less deer reaching maturity these days.

Charlie, are we late or did I miss something? I didn't apply yet! Holy *^%!

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