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stick'um 11-Feb-09
enhunter 11-Feb-09
RCAI 12-Feb-09
CCB 12-Feb-09
Sapcut 13-Feb-09
bear 13-Feb-09
Forest Bows 14-Feb-09
razor 14-Feb-09
From: stick'um
I'm thinking about elk hunting in sept 2011. we are considering a Diy or drop camp in colorado I was wondering if anyone has heard of John Lamicq. Or could someone recamend a real good outfitter.

Thank You

From: enhunter
Definitely not John Lamicq!!!!!! Won't be hard to find the dirt on this guy, been there and seen it my self. Drop camps are the poorer areas most outfitters aren't willing to bring hteir full paying clients to, has to be a better way then that.


From: RCAI
Check out Paul Moore at W3 Outfitters! Great guy, great outfit. PM me if you would like his contact information. He outfits in unit 12.

From: CCB
Why is it everyone hunts co.Including myself.But only cause I found a good private land diy spot thats the only thing taking me back there.If u like to try idaho go with little wood river.Hunted there in 07 on a drop camp and saw alot more and bigger bulls than i did in co.

From: Sapcut
Mike Murphy with TBarM Outfitters in Durango, CO 970 259-5469 He loves having bowhunters.

I killed a bull in '07 and missed a monster last year. I have only been twice in my life. We were in bulls the entire trip.

From: bear
I second the Mike Murphy recommendation. Top Drawer. Bear

From: Forest Bows
Bruce from pondarosa outfitters.

From: razor
It is an excellent location that you must seek for elk hunting. (Anyone can be a good outfitter in an excellent area.) Carry on.

I have a lot of points in CO for elk and deer. It is a long way from me and no matter how much I research, I am not comfortable with either a guided hunt or a DIY spot.

Plus I have already been burned once (and bad) on a private land ranch hunt in CO (overhunted, poor hunting tactics by guides, and several other serious issues. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Gila hunt in 2001 that was guided on public land and the absolute worst hunt I have ever been --I saw three (3) elk in 8 days of hunting. It was a fine hiking trip thoughh, more of a boot camp experience.

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